But what do you do when your feet get clammy

in bed, when you’ve got no socks on. You have to put your socks back on. No socks is good for about 20 minutes.

hate wearing socks


I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous opinion, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you get completely dragged here.

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Best thing about lockdown has been almost never wearing socks.


So you like the feeling of your sweaty feet touching?

They’re off the second I walk through the door

I’m always hearing women moaning about wearing bras and how they have to take them off the second they’re home, cos they’re so uncomfortable. Honey, try wearing SOCKS


my feet are currently socks free

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But putting socks on in bed just makes them sweatier


Socks should never be worn in bed


That’s fine though at least your feet can glide over one another

It’s a fast track to athlete’s foot, is what it is.

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Unless abandon reply

oh no

I like wearing socks in general, but when I get tired or if I’m working late I always, always reach a point in the evening where the fact that my feet are a bit warm just overtakes me completely and I have to take my socks off immediately

Socks in the house are perfectly acceptable, add warmth in cold weather and are polite when other people are round

Socks in bed are pretty wrong

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Can’t sleep wearing socks, or if my feet are under the covers. Even in my student days crashing on sofas or in bathtubs or whatever, passing out in my clothes, I’d have the presence of mind to take my shoes and socks off.

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Giggling at the idea of polite socks.

You poke your feet out of the side and wiggle them so the air cools them off
Have to be quick though, cause monsters


Knees weak feet are clammy
There’s vomit on his sweater already
Mom’s spaghetti


Can’t believe you think socks would be the solution to clammy feet
“Ooh, bit sweaty today love. Better put a coat on.”