But what do you do when your feet get clammy

My feet get a cold sweat in winter all the time.

Increased temperature is famously bad at reducing sweat.


socks in bed

what’s all tharrabout then

that said, in uni, the winter nights were such that I used to wear a big craghoppers walking coat to bed so who am I to judge

Has anyone invented the cold water bottle? No?

It’s basically a hot water bottle, but you put cold water in it instead (or hot water and leave it to cool). @Epimer please patent, usual pro bono rates thanks

what animal would you have instead of the cute hot water bottle sheep

  • penguin
  • polar bear
  • yeti
  • other (pls specify)

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Stepping in a rhythm to a Kurtis Blow
But what do you do when your feet get clammy?

Put anti-perspirant on your feet

Summer’s coming, time to get the 15 tog out of the airing cupboard

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Socks in bed audit:

  • Regularly
  • Cold weather only
  • Never

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Only happens to me when I wear slippers without socks

What is this alien concept of which you speak?

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remember people liking ‘the cold side of the pillow’ on facebook? Garlic bread.

Dip your feet in a cup of tea, it’ll actually COOL them DOWN!!1!


Socks are designed for feet.

My flat is irritatingly cold, it’s blanket land all the way.

If it is EXTREMELY cold then some woolly ones, sure. Normally kick tyem off during the night in the few cases that it does happen though. Less than once a year so I voted «never», just wanted to keep you up to speed

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Imagining wearing socks in bed is actually putting me on edge a bit.


Shoes are also designed for feet, you should start sleeping with those on


Maybe consider flippers too.


And surfboards.

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