But what kind of Threadstarter are you?


  • I’ll post a daily thread/routine thread that someone else would do if it wasn’t for me
  • im too important

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you should find your 68th thread and copy the title but turn the text upside down so that they mirror each other and it’ll look like two threads having a go on each other


Better to be the one to finish something than to start something.

or this was a great idea

theyre all brilliant content tbh. Just lightbulb exploding solutions and ideas

I used threads as posts really so it’s better to look at them combined

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when will your almanac be available

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Poll threads with clear ground rules that people always ignore. I’ve decided to try being more relaxed on the latter, let’s see how it goes.

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they’re crowd pleasers, for sure.
Like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, but little do people know, just around the corner from the baying gormless hordes is ‘The Wedding at Cana’ (my dogshit thread), or ‘The Raft of Medusa’ (my concealed plumbing units thread)

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