Only good if they’ve taken the little butters out of the fridge well in advance, otherwise it’s just hard work.


This has come up many times previously but everyone should keep a small dish with butter in the cupboard for immediate spreading and a block of butter in the fridge for all other uses.

Also, note that you can put butter in the freezer to extend its lifespan without affecting the quality.


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Butter dish sub thread


Grew up with cheap margarine. Absolute misery that stuff. Butter all the way. Keep it in the fridge, really don’t care if it doesn’t spread.

  • Salted
  • Unsalted

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Been using this stuff quite a lot and it’s very good indeed. Especially nice to roast new potatoes in.


Wouldn’t miss it if it disappeared from the face of the earth immediately


Who had 28 posts in the sweepstake!

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I’ve not eaten it for over 15 years but I don’t miss it. It’s fine. Overrated, it’s not that much better than margarine


The smell of melting butter is up there with one of life’s greatest pleasures

Main reason I don’t like American cake recipes that use oil is because you miss out that crucial delicious step

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Horrible. Up there with raw chicken.

Good basting method, that.

Used to always get salted, switched to unsalted about a year ago as it’s better for baking. Turns out it’s better for everything.

Don’t eat much tbh. Olive oil is the go to. But good butter is a nice thing.

Good stuff

Have never made my own


Gonna have some toast as a lunch ‘Starter’

Good butter is a glorious thing. Tend to just have spreadable stuff most of the time, which is not.

Lurpak is the best of the supermarket bunch. Can be pricey and the aldi/lidl alternatives taste more or less the same. Had Olivio for years when we were kids as my mum bought into the ‘healthy’ marketing.

Totally get that. After being brought up on it though, butter tastes really rich and decadent.

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