Buy a user a Christmas present


thought it would be nice for people who want to to send a DiSer a little christmas gift (card/present). We all do a bit to help each other so let’s show us a token of appreciation

Anyone up for it?


I think this is a good idea - I’m in!


i’m up for it, sure

what budget to people think would be fair?

  • <£5
  • £5-£10
  • £10+
  • no £ rule

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Maybe a poll of people in would be easier, and is this like a secret santa?

  • I’m in
  • :christmas_tree:

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That second one is just because there has to be two options please ignore :ok_hand:


I liked it though


At work my team did a vote on secret santa, the options were ‘yes I like presents’ and ‘humbug’ to my surprise (/delight) the later won it


ha! I had the same idea

was discussing the logistics of it with pnikkers last week and was going to post a secret santa sign up thread in a bit (thought the start of november was too early). so I’m definitely in.

still up for organising it but if you want to do it then fill yer boots.


I’m well in


In, obv


imagine not being up for this

@zxcvbnm ?


Fine! In.


Sure why not! (You all like weed right?)


its up to you!

I reckon a Secret Santa thing would be fun yeah


So… how many of us are going to get lynx gift sets?


anyone want any musical instruments? It’s kind of a ballache to post them though


I’m in!


i’m in if we can keep it fairly cheap


and shit