Buy cheap buy twice

I guarantee there will be at least once person on the boards who uses pencils in their creative role - possibly in architecture - who will have one of these and defend its value to the hilt.

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2 year warranty tho

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It is probably rated very highly by Which?


It’s mainly on sale for people on death row.

architects don’t really use pencils anymore apparently. Bought a fancy mechanical pencil for my architect m8 and he was like ‘we don’t use pencils that much anymore’ and I was like ‘huh…’

Ingrates, the fucking lot of them!

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What a prick. Should have told him to jam it up his… I don’t know enough technical architecture terms to come to with a euphemism for “urethra” here.

Throw in the engraving for nothing you stingy bastards


load bearing crevice.

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*load distributing, if anything

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Imagine buying this, using it for the very first time and it doing a rubbish job. Congratulations you’ve just imagine Fictional expensive pencil sharpening scenario.

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Pffffft. Try $500 for a single sharpening.

It is hard to know what is real.

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Reckon you could go to the John Lewis website and find a good example for this thread in any department.

Be a good incentive not to skid.

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I use pencils a fair bit. None of them require a pencil sharpener though.

Not for the first time, I think Jesus Jones put it best…

I think I know what you mean
And although it sounds obscene
I will always do my best to understand
You have so many words
And your voice is always heard
But who can say they really understand?

Real, real, real
Do you feel real?
And if so I’d like to know
How to feel real real
Do you feel real?
And if so I’d like to know

Well you say you have a big love
And it really sounds like fun
If I knew what it was
Then I’m sure I’d like to have one
Give me a sign that you
Feel some emotion