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Do we already have one of these? Apologies if so.

Thought it would be nice to have a little dis shop. A thread to share links to anything you sell already, or would be happy to make. Or anything your close friends or family sell too?

Support indies (this works on two levels because I’m very very clever like that)


Thought this was going to be another NFT thread.


Didn’t want to post my own first but here we go!

Gift vouchers for tours, can be redeemed anytime - there’s no expiry and it’s for all the tour routes.

As an aside, I’ll also make crocheted things, jumpers, legwarmers for kids in slings etc (this section brought to you by not being able to afford my rent this month)


Roll up roll up.

Show me your wares!

I know we’ve got artists and makers and musicians here. Share your stuff :heart:

Are My Vitriol managing your website? :wink:

I’m setting up a food business but won’t be launching for a few weeks, good thread idea that I will use to spam that when the time comes :slight_smile:


I don’t understand I’m afraid

72nd November

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Sorry - there was a long running joke about them booking a gig on 31st September :slight_smile:

Oh really?! :see_no_evil: I have dyscalculia so I didn’t see that. Thank you!


Ah, my stupid brain. I can usually get 2 numbers in row right but clearly not anymore :expressionless:

I sent my daughter to school in odd socks this morning because I thought it was some odd socks day thing they’re doing at school, but turns out I just can’t read a calendar and it’s actually next week. Dates are hard!


Especially when there’s 72 of them each month to keep track of.


Can I post something that Mrs Funkhouser has done?

  • yes

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What an unorthodox way of responding!

100% please share!

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OK it’s this poetry collection. It’s kind of autobiographical but is also about a lot of big themes and it’s very very good



Also the Amazon affiliate link is working again so DiS gets small cut of any amazon sales.


If I was planning to make an Amazon purchase and put the link on a thread here to say “hey guys, I’m buying this” and then clicked the link myself to buy it, would DiS get its cut of my purchase and anyone else’s who used the link? Would that be against any rules of the affiliate deal?

nice idea for a thread @Scout +1:

here’s a link to my wife’s pattern design
and illustration business.