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This reminds me, @BodyInTheThames has your daughter started selling any of her weird and wonderful art stuff yet? Such a fan of the things you’ve posted!

Any link with the little ?tag=drownedinsoun-21 tag on the end of the url goes to DiS - and I think other purchases for 48 hours.

I used to use the funds to buy files of tracks to play on the DiS radio show, as I can only spend the funds on Amazon. Haven’t had much income from Amazon since finishing the show but likely spend it on coffee or something for all the extra hours that still goes into keeping DiS online.


She kind of has but it’s been all commissions so far, some one-off t-shirts, slipmats, temporary tattoos etc. She’s not got her webshop up and running yet as she’s been busy doing set design & video installation stuff for proper paying clients & social media campaigns

She’s also doing a bunch of merch stuff for the label I’m starting next year so go here —-> and sign up for the mailing list and you’ll get first look …pretty soon actually


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Wor Lass crochets things.

Sorry for encroaching on your crochet hustle @Scout but my house will never be free of these woollen tokoloshe unless someone buys them.

My house will never be free of woollen tokoloshe. I think that was in my marriage vow.


can we solicit stuff here? trying to commission a painting at the minute. kind of like a pastoral countryside scene. watercolours maybe. DM me if you know anyone. ta!

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i think @avocado should share their amazing talents here. still keep meaning to get something…maybe next month for xmas :slight_smile:


Really like this guys stuff, I love anything from “amateur” groups like urban sketching groups, he’s part of Highgate watercolour group and some of the ones he does he covers in big splodges (technical term) and they’re great.

Like this one of the highgate gas works, he does have more typical less splodgy stuff on his site though

big fan of his moody black and white stuff that he’s put on the highgate website too: Feroze Antia / Black and White | Highgate Watercolour Group


He’s not a diser but I’m working on that as he seems like a gbol

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Aw ty!! My shop that I really need to update :sob: I’ll post it when i make it look nicer this week


If someone on here happens to sell ‘support undies’ we can take this to a new level.


Thinly veiled “I’m looking for support undies” post

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Funnily enough i’ve been looking gor a fridge magnet of the commendatore painting lately but can only find it off redbubble for like 20 quid postage

Pasted wholesale from the other thread :grinning:


Because I’ve moved house I’ve got my haul of unsold books back. For the uninitiated, a few years back I was bored some wrote some ‘poems’, and they led to me writing this book.

If you’d like one, for a tenner I’ll post it along with some postcards with very similar content.

Thanks again for everyone’s support in the first place, you’re good people.

Also, now I’m in a house I can finally get the audiobook. Additional thanks to everyone who’s offered help with that - if you’re still interested please PM me and we’ll put a nice thing together :slightly_smiling_face: