Buy my NFTs

Hi guys! My photography NFTs are up for sale today, please start the bidding below.

‘Tree’ - bidding starts at £6

‘Mug’ - bidding starts are £4.50

‘Coco Gothic Fat’ - bidding starts at £7.60

From what I’ve heard, John Terry is pretty interested in ‘Tree’ so bid high, bid often.

  • Coco gothic fat
  • Coco gothic bat

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I bid you “Good day!” Hahaha only joking


How much

That is a very nice little tree but I’m out

Yeah okay this I can get behind.

Would you trade your tree for one of my own photo NFTs?

I’d like to place a bid of £5 for “mug” please

Imagine how pissed off the person who started the true crime podcast based on them being some key to a great mystery that lead to your death would be be when they stumbled into this thread.


We’re up and running, folks!

The only ‘mug’ in this thread is @The_Respected_User

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Wait, what?

Just met a guy who gave me these, for £3 each.




Well chuffed with that.

Oh actually there’s a photo of one in the OP as well sorry. Two mugs in the thread

Thank you for clarifying

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This thread really puts the fun in fungible!

I’ve narrowed down the list of places she might be


But mine (picture of cat) is valued by me at )8 so you’re already in profit

Coco Gothic Babtridge


When does bidding close by the way?