buyin' a sofa. please help me

We’ve realised we want a new sofa.

Or a nearly new sofa.

At least, we want to replace the sofa we currently have which is about 40 years old.

We went to Sofalogy. Anyone had an experience with them? We’ve read some baaaaaaad reviews. But we saw a sofa we dig there.

Owen Wilson saying Sofalogy was incredibly irritating. Sorry I have nothing else to add though

Giz a goose at the sofa m9. Never used sofology but one of the most annoying things about modern sofas is that you go to your DFS’ and that and you can’t even take a sofa home with you on the same day! They’re like ‘we’ll build you a new one, it’ll take 3 months!’


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Cool furniture place I discovered called


Nice link, no link

I’m aware the link actually works btw

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this is the one we like. In Charcoal.

that’s nice, aye

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I’m so serious about this that can @moderators pls remove the link to the site?
Those guys suck.

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I think I got put off Sofology because they said it was going to take about 17 years to put together a bog standard sofa.

Got his bad boy instead, with a more reasonable lead time:

It’s quite similar to yr Hetty.

So far, so world

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Woman at work had an absolute mare with Sofology. Delayed delivery, terrible customer service. Plus Owen Wilson in those ads.

Bought one from them just before they changed their name. They were brilliant, at least they were five years ago.

Sofa arrived with a cuddly sloth which sold on eBay for about £80 too. Don’t think they do that any more.


We got an armchair from the furniture bit of The Range and it’s pretty good. Nice sofas in there too, could be worth a go.

Thank you kindly

Would sit.

Just remember the golden rule of buying a sofa (more commonly known as a settee) - if you spend more than £500 on one you’re a Conservative.

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