Buying a first car


Recently passed my test so want to get a car now, but I am completely clueless when it comes to this sort of thing.

I want to get a used one to start with so if there are any scrapes its not going to be too much of a ruiner, and I have heard to stay away from finance. Where would be the best avenues to look?

I’ve also heard of an insurance where you get a box which monitors you basically and this makes the insurance cheaper - any other tips?



I’ve looked into those boxes, but the issue is you lose some/all of your points for driving after 10PM! people also claim they encourage dangerous breaking practices.


don’t bother with insurance, it’s a fucking racket anyway #yolo


if you don’t know anything about cars i’d be tempted to go to a dealer, so if it’s a total lemon you have some sort of recourse. that or get a pal that knows stuff about cars to look at it with you.

guess that is pretty obvious advice.


when you’re getting insurance add on family members if you can, especially older ones. usually drops the price down.


Mileage is more important than age


that’s what all the…guys with… good mileage… say?


condition is more important than both. i’d rather have a car that’s been driven with care for 100k miles rather than one that’s been ragged around mcdonalds carpark for 10k miles.


That’s a big car park!


It’s a big mcdonalds, it needs a big car park


How old are you ? I would suggest looking for something that isn’t that powerful and getting some quotes for insurance before you buy the car. Use the various comparison sites to get multiple quotes to save time. Obviously insurance is priced on a risk basis so try and find a company that caters for younger drivers / new drivers and you’ll get a better price. This has become a lot easier due to confused, money supermarket etc but remember there are plenty of insurance companies that still aren’t on these sites.

As for buying, do you know anyone who is a mechanic ? always helpful when looking at second hand cars, if not, might be safer going to a car super market or dealership where you know you will have a decent warranty period rather than buying something of Dave on gumtree…


any idea of a budget?

i wouldn’t bother with the telematic box insurance


Yeah they’re pretty bad for inexperienced drivers apparently as they punish jerky acceleration and over braking etc. Which a new driver is likely to do quite a bit


Kick the tyres when you go to see a car.


I bought my car from a local Facebook car selling group. Took my brother in law (knows about cars) and his friend who is a mechanic with me. If you have friends that know about cars ask them to come with you. Go for a small engine to keep insurance costs low. You’ll get something that’ll do you for your first car for under £1000.


Cheers! I dont know a mechanic unfortunately , most my mates are as clueless as me !


Looking about 2000-2500 for both max really.

Is the box that much of a hindrance?


Get a ford, fiesta or focus with a small engine…they are generally reliable and economic.


fiddle about with all the trim and buttons and that to make sure they work.

check both keys work starting the engine, twice i’ve been given spares without an immobilser.

get them to rev the engine while you smell it, if it smells oily or burny it’s bad, also if there’s blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. probably get a mechanic to look at it if you’re spending more than a grand tbf though.


how much cheaper is it?

Mostly I just wouldn’t wanna be controlled by the man knowing my every move (and fining me for it)…maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn.