Buying a gift for someone you've just met


About a week ago i met a woman in a bar. One thing led to another and i ended up back at hers. The next day we swapped numbers and I’ve seen her twice in the week. We’ve arranged more dates for this week so things seem to be going well. Obviously Christmas is not far away and I would like to buy her something. I’m really not good at this sort of thing and don’t know what to buy. Do I get something small or something that costs a bit more? I don’t want to come across as cheap but I also don’t want to freak her out by getting something over the top. Could do with a couple of suggestions as it’s also her Birthday 3 days after christmas!


Dont buy her anything, itd be weird anyway


Mushroom log


Is there some passion or hobby she has mentioned where you could get here something small but thoughtful?


Vibrator in your own image.


Hitachi wand


Something small, nothing more than maybe a box of fancy chocs or a book she’ll like, or something to do with her interests like ATT said. I’d stay away from jewellery and clothes for definite


Engagement ring


Agreed, a well chosen book. Its not too expensive and thoughtful.


gift card


£20 limit on this one. Any more and you’ll look like a psycho.


Nowt wrong with it, I would say anything less than £8 would be fine. If she likes wine, then that’s not a bad shout.


imagine how cringe if she doesn’t get you something tho


Buy her one of those bugaboo prams. Show you’re serious AND a proper baller.


it’s her birthday just after christmas, as long as his isn’t about the same time he can style it out




Instead of a wrapped up gift take her to a gig or play (or whatever you’re into) and pay for both of you. Gift + date, bingo.


Probably a bit young for bingo


It is a shame you never ‘saved’ yourself for a bit longer and arranged a magical evening, a meal out, dancing. Then home :wink: but leave these in the toilet in full view for a laugh.


easiest/most cowardly route to styling out is just to have it ready if she gives you one, but keep it back if she doesn’t.