Buying a horse - first steps


so like, we know our budget. We know what area roughly we want to live in. What will we need to sort out (already got a hay supplier, but do we need a saddle already? register with grand national? etc.) How much cash are we likely to need to deal with shit before/during mounting? It’s all very odd and scary and I’m out of my depth

Comedy answers also welcome


don’t get up before nine


Don’t take it into the Swamp of Sadness


You’re not going to impress us by “buying” a horse.

The horse riders among us all went out on to the plains to find and tame our horses. Ruffers tale is particularly moving and inspiring.

Here’s some starters for you.


play epona’s song


What is the Swamp of Sadness and where is it?


Step 1: Buy horse.



Trigger Warning for horse fans:

Neverending Story


I’m amazed this thread has taken a whole 2 weeks to materialise tbqfh


Step 1: look it in the mouth


Aren’t they trots?


surely check hooves?


Give the fetlocks a good kick


buying a horse in London is a lot more complicated than elsewhere. There are quite a few horse owners or people going through the process of buying a horse in London on here though so they should be able to help. You might even end up being neeeeighbours.