Buying a house - first steps


:smiley: KNEW you’d rise to this.

I almost thought about not typing it out, but I’m feeling tired and mean.

Suffice to say when I was trying to think of a person who might replace their mattress after the recommended period of time then only one name sprang to mind.

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think we should remove the mattress chat. This is a pretty popular thread about buying a house,and it is a bit out of place to have it documented how easy it is to mug off epimer


Spend the heist money on toast. Then stuff the toast in the mattress.

Oh right, I thought you meant, ‘read up about mattresses in Which?, test out the best buys, then wait until the mattress you want is on offer, and then hope that it lasts a very long time,’ which is what we did with our Sealy Nostromo 1400.


Oooh. 1400. We went with a J-Lew Ortho 1400. On a WestElm ‘Mid-century’ frame. Very pleased with the combo. Not so pleased they had a sale on them three weeks after we’d bought 'em. :grinning:

Anyway, @Epimer - @Im_On_Safari is right, there’s a thread for yer furniture needs

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@moderators, mind moving my bed/mattress nonsense to that thread so the house buying one isn’t cluttered, please?

Had an Ikea bed, the creaking drove me crazy, eventually had to smash it up with a hammer.

Couldn’t find a bed I liked recently so just got a divan from dreams because it was dirt cheap and required no assembly, actually pretty pleased with it, nice height, matches the rug I have

I put my bid in today for this and went about 8% over the valuation which I’m now worried may be too high although it’s still well within my budget and there was another person at my first viewing last week who was very keen and I’m sure will almost certainly be bidding also, there are probably one or two others as well (but who knows).

Imagine you were a rich insomniac and bought that and you still couldn’t sleep.

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eyeing up a house but it appears to have Carrie buried in the back yard

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Help please! (probably @marckee, let’s be honest)

Got the survey through and it’s flagged up a CATEGORY 3 for some bits of the roof and chimney - defective flashing where the extension meets the main building, some loose hip tiles (?), chimney needs repointing, chimney flaunching (?!) needs replacing.

Terrifyingly, there’s evidence of “a light wood-boring beetle infestation” in some roof timbers.

Obviously I’ll get quotes for this, but how serious are these issues? How expensive (roughly) will the roof/chimney stuff be? Should I be running away screaming from this house?



Think it all turns out ok in the end, can’t really remember… just him falling through the floor.

The outside roof things sound fine. We had some similar things when we moved in here and it cost us a couple of hundred quid for a man up a ladder.

The timber stuff sounds more of a worry. I guess the main question to ask is how much damage has been done. You basically need to know whether it’s a “spray some stuff on” problem or a “buy new roof” problem.


Also: ring up your surveyor and ask them about it.

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He says it’s historical and not worth worrying about, but probably get it looked at anyway.

Good news.

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^Yeah, what they said.

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