Buying a house - first steps

Did you move further than one mile though?

62, apparently.

Moved 250 metres down the road. No regrets whatsoever about paying a removals company to do the shifting.

Got the keys yesterday. Got a couple of guys from Anyvan coming tomorrow morning to do the move proper.

Thanks to everyone in this thread who offered advice along the way. I basically did everything you said and it worked out great :joy:


Do you think this is the tagline Sean is looking for?


Our house is now on the market!

We’ll see how this goes. It’s been 14 years since I last did this so I’ve no idea how busy we can expect things to be, and how soon we can expect viewings. In my mind I’m like “it’s been three hours and nothing!” but that’s my own daft and unrealistic expectation.

I’ll be sad to sell - lots of memories attached, plus it’s a lovely house.


It looks lovely! Why the move?

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It’s a few factors really: Mrs CCB’s parents aren’t getting any younger so we could do with somewhere with a proper space (that’s not up two flights of stairs) for when they stay, plus an unofficial ‘base’ for her sister who lives in Australia at the moment but who comes back periodically. I could do with a study or somewhere to WFH from (as it’s a bit of a juggling act at the moment).

But also I think the house is at a good stage to sell: there was loads wrong with it when we bought it and we’ve spent a lot of time doing it up, fixing the damp issue, getting boring stuff like the roof and the boiler and the electrics done - I wouldn’t have felt comfortable just skimming over the issues, painting and selling (which seems to be the norm!)

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Looks nice. Are you staying in Lynn? My sister used to live on North Everard St or thereabouts.

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Oh that’s just across the road from me. And yeah - but we’ll probably move up to Reffley / South Wootton area I think (though my heart wants one of those nice Victorian places off Tennyson Avenue but they’re either too pricey or too knackered)

Living in Brighton, it’s hilarious* to see a house like that for that price. Good luck with the sale!

*probably not the right word but you know what I mean

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Same but for Cork. Think we could only afford a two bed apartment in a twenty year old development for that here.

Yep, Cambridge is the same - just looking on Rightmove and you might scrape a 2-bed maisonette for that price.

It’s a quirky house (in that it slopes a little) but you get used to that, and it’s not like it’s still moving or anything. King’s Lynn isn’t particularly fashionable but it’s probably the friendliest place I’ve lived, and has been great post-COVID (due to proximity to coast / countryside).

Think I might move to @colon_closed_bracket s house


Come on, get the crayons out!


That looks lovely, here you can get a 1 bedroom apartment for that. :frowning:

Realised on my walk to the shops last year that I sold a one-bedroom basement flat in Stoke Newington for only slightly less that that, fifteen years ago.

Well, it’s ten days in, and we’ve had a grand total of… nil viewings :frowning:

I know that other people might be selling their houses, which might be pushing things back, but I was kinda hoping for at least some interest. In the back of my head I’m thinking “what if we never sell and we’re stuck here forever?” … I don’t think we’re asking an unreasonable amount for the property, given the work that we’ve done to it - but I don’t think people think about roofs and boilers and tanking membranes when they look at a property.

Eh, never mind. It’s nice living in a very neat and tidy house for now.

One thing that might be putting people off is the lack of floorplan. Photos look good, house looks nice, price also looks fine when looking at other stuff similar in the area, but a lot of people will want to know the layout via a floorplan before viewing.
Looks like a nice house though. GL


Think the market is very weird at the moment. Was obviously a big rush through spring for stamp duty relief, then I guess a lot try to wrap up in summer before school starts and so on. Might be a bit of a lull at the moment, but I’m sure things will change, looks like a lovely property, and it only takes one keen buyer.

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