Buying a house - first steps



Critical illness cover generally comes with life cover as standard these days, when stand alone critical illness was an option it used to be pretty much the same price anyway.


Nationwide have booked their valuation of the place for tomorrow. Is this a sign that the application is basically approved?


Yeah. Well they think you’re sound not just not the flat quite yet.


That’s a promising development then, cheers.

Maybe we’ll be in in by September after all…


So we canned the new build that we had initially reserved. We went and looked at one that was already built on another site and decided it was a bit smaller than we expected and expensive for what it was.

Saw a 3 bed semi with a garage literally 100 yards from our old apartment. It’s just what we were looking for and apart from a repaint and sorting the garden out, it doesn’t need any work.

Viewed it, offered on it and it’s been accepted :slight_smile: House! House! House!


really hate the in laws eh? :wink:


Not got any more irks to report for the moment at least - they’re on holiday now until next weekend.


I finally signed the paperwork yesterday to purchase 50% of the flat off my bfs brother. So that’s great!

I woke up this morning to a notice that the coffee shop directly opposite my living room (which is mostly windows) is going to be selling alcohol now and will be open til 11pm each night.

I want to cry.


Hmmm. This is supposed to be a moment to enjoy your newly bought gaff. So try and do that if you can. Congrats!

I know your buying situation is slightly non-standard and you - quite reasonably - mebbes thought that there the inevitable batch of unforseen surprises that come with buying somewhere would be sidestepped. But there’s always going to be something that crops up. I guess what to do with this is be on it like a hawk. Get any and all disturbances diarised and reported if it becomes A Thing.

I’m presuming here you’re not crying with joy at having somewhere so convenient to get booze.


It is supposed to be joyous but unfortunately the whole thing has been masked in a bit of shit from the start if i’m honest. It doesn’t feel like a celebration, feels a bit deflated with the circumstances.

I think I need to paint a wall or something to make it feel more…mine.

Oh and I’ve written an appeal to the council. I just can’t have the noise all night outside this bar. The coffee shop normally shuts at 7pm and that’s fine but other than that from 6am, I already have people bogging in my windows. Best start saving £4k for those shutters!


maybe try and speak to some of your neighbours too and get them to write to the local licencing sub-committee with objections


From looking online, some residents have already complained to the sub-committee but they’re just like “nah” and approved it anyway?

It got approved on the 11th and we’ve only just been told about it today. We had no notice it was in the approval process or anything or we would have appealed.


it’s still possible to push for their licence to be reviewed even after it’s granted (although i’d presume it would take quite a number of concerns to be reported, visits from the police, reports of anti-social behaviour etc)

section 11 here -


Anyone ever had experience of ‘down valuation’? We put in an offer on a place and the mortgage lenders have subsequently valued it as £10k below our offer. It’s a bit of a fucker really as all properties round our way go up for sale as ‘Offers in excess of…’ rather than a stated price so it feels a bit like we’re pissing in the wind. Looks like our only options are to beg the sellers to drop the price (unlikely) or to magic an additional £10k out of our arses (impossible).

Quite complicated this house buying thing - who knew?!


Running into paperwork problems thanks to some gift deposit coming from Uganda. It’s such a fucking headache all this. I was literally insane seven days ago when I thought it was going well.


That really sucks. Maybe the owners will drop the price, if the chances of other lenders also valuing it at that price?


sure someone upthread recently went through this… :frowning:
think its lenders being more cautious :man_shrugging:


Thanks, I hope so - the wife is going to just tell the estage agent and see if they can suggest anything. Just really frustrating that you have to take a punt on what you reckon it’s worth, get everything moving, then get told you guessed wrong so it’s back to square one.

@Matt_was_taken - yeah, seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment.


The silver lining could be that you end up with a 10k discount so :crossed_fingers:


Ha! The sellers were ‘overjoyed’ that it was a family buying it as it’d been their family home for 40 years so yeah - it’s not all over just yet!