Buying a house - first steps





Viewing my first house this afternoon and waiting to hear back from estate agents about a couple of others.



Have fun

(it’s awful)


I’m already sick of it tbh.


Anyone have a rough idea of how much it would cost to get a 20’ by 9’ garage converted into more living space? I think at least one wall would need knocking through. Other houses on the street have done it.

I’m just looking for a ballpark figure to keep in mind when valuing the place.




Could you be more precise, please?




Keeping it single storey?

It’ll need the walls and roof insulating, party wall agreement, and probably planning permission. Other additions might be running plumbing across if you’re wanting to add an extra WC, utility room, or extend the kitchen. If the garage floor is lower than the rest of the house, then I’d build it up with insulation and screed.

£20-25K, maybe around the Cambridge area? I don’t like to put a figure on things that may involve legal bods (the party wall agreement), as they’re the ones that can swallow up your budget.

This seems like a fairly decent rough guide:


Dunno, the street has both.

Ta, that’s good to know. I need to remember to factor this into the actual price of the property, which I already think is a little high. Plus we’ll need to furnish the place…


If you go for two storey, then it’ll be more than double the price I suggested for the single storey - in effect you’d be building a new extension rather than just adding a floor on top, so would need a completely new roof, and the planners may insist on it being a pitched roof to match the house.

If you do offer on it, and that offer gets accepted, then I’d mention your intentions to your surveyor - that way they can see if the garage is structurally capable of holding the increased loads.




Dealing with solicitors you are giving an enormous amount of money, a play:

Big Tone: “So this is definitely all the documentation you need now, right? We’ve provided proof of identity, proof of address, proof of income and proof of literally everything else for everybody involved in this process including our respective parents?”

Solicitor: “Yes, that is definitely the case, I now have more than enough documentation and can sign off on your case”

Big Tone: “Phew, thanks. I guess I’ll just have to chase up the mortgage brokers now that I’ve done all the chasing up needed with you guys”

Three weeks pass

Solicitor: “Hi Big Tone, just ringing to check in as our communication seems to have gone a bit cold?”

Big Tone: “What do you mean it’s gone cold? It’s gone cold because you said you had everything you needed from us?”

Solicitor: “About that…”



The new series of Marlon & Roscoe has taken a dark turn.


Another thing to factor in is what the garage is made of. Lots of garages have asbestos in the roof ands this can be an additional cost (as presumably you will want the roof removed and disposed of safely, and replaced, which can be an additional cost. Our garage is about the same square footage as my old flat and I’d love to convert it into a granny flat, but it has an asbestos roof and so I’ve just put this idea into the TOO HARD box for now.


sorry @marckee, that was meant for @Epimer.


My solicitor was so bad that I’m considering giving them a 2 star review on google


If it’s the house that he posted up here the other day, I don’t think it’s an asbestos roof, although there may still be some fascia boards or soffit boards with it in.


It is.


ah, I didn’t see the house.