Buying a house - first steps



that Wendy house will make an excellent games room


@japes already won the Wendy house jokes, sorry.


that little swine


I’ve just noticed it’s not got a gas hob.

Ahm oot.


One of the induction pricks will chirp up in a minute


I’m preemptively muting the thread.



You’re allowed to change things in a house


My thirty seconds of Googling says that whether or not you can change to a gas hob depends on proximity to and capacity of the boiler.

I’m going to ask about it.


If you’re lucky, it was gas previously and the gas line is still there in the kitchen, just tapped off making it an easy change.




Get a bigger boiler if not


@Aggpass I’ve got some terrible news: that hob has one induction ring on it already :scream:


Put in a really high offer. Lead them on for a bit, then pull out just before it’s going to cost you money and calm them shit hob twats


Didn’t love that house, tbqfhumble


  • dying relative, so they’re looking to move quickly. Shut up. I know.
  • lots of “potential”. Look at all that “potential”.
  • basically liveable as it is
  • new boiler, good external doors and windows
  • area is nice and quiet
  • they had cats and the cats were nice and I got to pet the nice cats and the black one was my favourite


  • gf had to apologise to the estate agent for the amount of flaws I was pointing out
  • they’ve half done it up but there’s loads of half finished jobs and, to be honest, I’d trust my five year old niece with a paintbrush more than those lot, based on the finish
  • because of their “renovations”, they think it’s worth a fair bit more than I do, because in their eyes it’s newly redecorated whereas in mine it’s a bunch of feature walls and shitty paintwork that I need to pay to get rid of immediately
  • £££


I look forward to welcoming you to the “induction hob convert wankers club” upon the successful purchase of your property.


Lol this is literally the entire system in Scotland.


Ha. Yeah, you see loads of people who do cosmetic ‘renovations’ that aren’t neutral and which aren’t a really high standard of workmanship and assume that they can add £50k to the asking price, whereas in reality, unless you have low standards, a buyer is going to want that kind of amount knocked off.


Fair dos. I’ve never bought a house in Scotland. How does that work then?


Turn up with a wad of 20s I think


I didn’t think I was all that picky, but there was not a single room in that house that I wouldn’t want redecorated if not replastered.