Buying a house - first steps



Hmm. If you leave her to sort a new oven then you can be pretty sure you’ll end up with a pretty underwhelming oven!


Aye, that’s a good point actually…


We’re still using the cooker that we inherited ten years ago when we moved in. The vendor described it to us approvingly as “very hot!” which is an accurate way to describe an oven that doesn’t heat to the temperature you put on the dial. A while back I took off the kickboards at the front and pulled it out a little to see where the plug socket was. Big mistake, since it was basically sitting on leftover rubble to get it up to the right height. It now tilts forward slightly. About a year ago the clock/timer starting flickering on and off and randomly turning the oven off when it did so.

So we turn it off at the wall after every use and decided to spend thousands on a new kitchen to sort it out.


RICS predicted a 2 percent increase in rents over the next 12 months and a 15 percent rise over a five-year period.

so glad im out of renting tbh :neutral_face:


When I bought my flat the previous owner wanted me to make an offer for the white goods, I said I wasn’t bothered and I’d sort some out myself when I moved. He ended up just leaving them, so I got them for free.


Was kind of hoping that would happen but it would almost certainly also involve her leaving a whole load of furniture we don’t need that we’d need to sort out


It’s a lottery. When we bought we were very explicit that we wanted the dishwasher and it was agreed. On the day of completion we were told it wasn’t included and they took it with them.


I had that, turned out the wrong fuse was in the plug (when I opened it up, the plug had basically melted inside).


charities collect furniture for free, a mini skip is about £50 tbf


Yeah that’s why we turn it off at the wall when it’s not in use.


It’s so daft to be thinking about this kind of thing when there’s every chance we’ll end up paying for a property with the lender valuing it at 5% less than we’re paying anyway…


Doubt they’d be allowed to leave stuff unagreed


Who’s gonna stop em?


The solicitors agree on what’s included in advance


Ah… Nice one :+1:


If they leave stuff thats not agreed you can charge them for storage/removal via your solicitor.


I ended up leaving stuff at my place (tins of paint, some kitchen stuff) because I just ran out of time and energy when moving out. Half expected some kind of fine as I was selling to an organisation but it hasn’t come yet.


Finally spoke to someone at the Housing Association, they’re running the down valuation by their surveyors and will get back to us. Not sure what to expect really but at least it wasn’t an outright “no”


Might put in a cheeky offer on this house.

It was the aviary that swayed it. I’ve always said that the worst thing about renting is the inability to keep racing pigeons.


2 l8 m8 i’ve already bought it and knocked down the bird shed