Buying a house - first steps



Admittedly I did mine cheaply but this sounds very expensive :grimacing:.


Might have gone overboard, I remember my last landlord tried to charge for carpet that cost £20 per metre so I assumed that was budget carpet as that carpet was terrible, so I didn’t even consider going cheaper than that. Really pleased with the carpet, it’s really soft and made the living room much nicer.


Yeah, true. I’m also in a situation where I could perhaps use my last month’s rent here and get the house done up to be live-able before moving in.

Did £250 include the cost of the carpet too, or just the fitting? That does seem very reasonable! Can I ask where you used, if it was a national company…?


How big is your living room!?


I used Carpet Right I think and maybe went for an £8/m carpet (fairly cheap). This included fitting which I think was only £45? I reused the underlay as I was being cheap and disposed of the carpet myself. This was about 8 years ago. Ballpark figure you might end up paying 1k for the whole house if you do it cheaply?


I’d say absolutely no harm in making a £105K offer. Others no doubt would suggest being even more cheeky.


7m by 5m, has some indented bits so it’s not actually that size but that’s how much carpet I needed


As for decorating, my own personal view would be that that’s something you could do when you have the funds available. That said, there is a lot to be said for decorating as much as you can before actually moving in. Even just getting one room done before you’ve got your own stuff in the way might make your life a lot easier.



Good rug. Should have just bought several rugs.


We paid about £1300 for re-flooring the kitchen, living room, stairs and bedroom (I think.)

As @laelfy says, it’s not really a -ve point.


It really ties the room together.


We did our carpet in stages and used a local independent company and fitter.

Big lounge, hall stairs and landing all using the same thick carpet I think was £900 all in.

One bedroom and box room about £450, last bedroom £300.

We did get fancy flooring for the kitchen at about £400 plus fitting which a builder did. But you could lino it for say £150.

Bathroom and toilet yet to do.

We did get good carpets though, so if you went for an average carpet you could do a house for £1200.

Tip - use a local company if you can, our place was called Cut Price Carpets, and were happy to negotiate with.


Carpet lasts 20 years so not worth scrimping. Think we paid about the same. Still haven’t done the lounge though which currently has the thinnest carpet imaginable with what must be negligible underlay. Drop anything on it and it breaks.


This, and also doing any flooring stuff when you are already moved in properly is an absolute pain, so getting good stuff that’ll last a long time is worth it for delaying the upheaval of replacing it.

Good luck with the house @pichaelmarker


Definitely put a cheeky offer in.

As for decorating: we have just done nearly our entire flat. Mainly ourselves, apart from plastering / laying floors / the kitchen. We went for nice laminate which cost £15/square metre and got it laid for about £100-200 per room. Matey also did the skirting.

We had to move in and do a room at a time. Which was a pain given we had to move all our stuff out of each room as we did it. It was very doable though, took us 18 months to do everything. I’m really glad we bought somewhere that needed doing cos it now feels properly ours.


might have a flat warming to recoup all those wedding gifts I’ve bought over the years (2)


Pain in the arse, this, isn’t it.





I know I’ll feel like this eventually.