Buying a house - first steps



Two houses! A winter one and a summer one, by the looks of it.


Made an offer a fair chunk under with no expectation of it being accepted. Got told no. Went back with a higher offer we thought was fair. Told we were now bidding against someone else, could we go up a bit. Told them no. Think it was the right thing to do, plenty more fish in the sea. Bored of this already.


Was that for the first one or the ex-la one?

much prefer the ex la one than the first one


The first one, the ex-LA one was apparently already under offer when I requested a viewing.

We’ve only been looking a couple of weeks though, don’t think we need to jump into a compromise yet when we can just see what’s out there.


For what it’s worth, the feeling I got in my bones was that you’ve made the right decision. Seemed like you were paying over the odds for a house that had been renovated up to the eyeballs, whereas what you seem to be looking for is location and price and a reasonably maintained place.

Good discipline to stick to your guns on price and to walk away when you’re not feeling it. Treat it as a positive step.


‘Sellers’ have changed their mind about selling after seven months of keeping us hanging on. Hundreds in solicitors fees, mortgage reservation etc all down the drain.

If anyone needs me I’ll be roaming the West Pennines screaming at rocks.


What a bag of bollocks! Infuriating scenes.

Any reason given for the seller pulling out?


Same happened to us. Well it was a year and they just remarketed it for a load more $$$. Was fucking bullshit but I am much happier with where we ended up and hopefully you will be too.


They’re an old couple who were looking to find a bungalow. Took them forever to find somewhere but just before Christmas we got a call to say they’d had an offer accepted so end of January was a likely date for completion.

Then on Thursday we got a call to say they’d pulled out of buying the place as after speaking to some builders they’d been advised the alterations they wanted to make weren’t possible. The estate agent then confessed the sellers would have withdrawn the property from the market if our offer wasn’t there. So reading between the lines they’ve given up on it. I suppose it could, theoretically, still happen but it seems very unlikely. And prices round here keep going up…


Fixed rate expires next month so been testing the market. Best deal is to stick with Halifax, and with the amount we’ve paid off plus increase in property value, we’re in a better LTV bracket, so got a much better deal than we were on. Fixed it for 3 years. Happy days.


Yeah, we have a sneaky suspicion that the speed it sold at took them by surprise so they intend to stick it back on the market at a later date.


Urgh. Commiserations.


I’m definitely letting my gut have some impact on the decision making process, and my gut instinct on that place was “nah”. We’ll see how this devil may care attitude plays out in the long run…


would stuff like condensation damp show up on surveys etc? cause we reported out damp issue to our building managers so they could look at the leaky roof garden above us and they were like “yeah the previous owners reported a bad damp issue to us 3 years ago”

cheers previous owners.

Also I now have water dripping into my brand new bathroom which i’m fucking pissed off about because it was fixed when it happened in June and now its mysteriously back.

Basically, we wanna run away from these issues and buy somewhere and want to know if these things are going to cause us a problem when selling?


Condensation damp isn’t a structural issue though, it’s just how you’re using your space - there are things like better ventilation (eg extractor fans) that can help the issue, but there isn’t usually work to be done (aside from fixing what may have been damaged if damp does occur).


I know there’s no “real” damage per say but if there’s an ongoing damp issue with one particular room that has all external walls, that should be something new buyers should know really?

Living in flats where you’re at the mercy of some company to do all repairs/validate whether your issue is worthy to be fixed pisses me off. I can’t wait til my roof is my roof and I can fix it/investigate it properly.

We’re under a flat roof garden that seems to be causing no end of water based issues but apparently nothing can really be done.


will you let the new buyers know?


The damage can certainly be real, I don’t doubt that, I guess the issue with condensation is that the cause is sometimes just “you need to open the window more”. We have a room in our flat that with three external walls that is either freezing or boiling depending on the temperature outside, despite it having double glazing and loft insulation, it’s annoying, but I can’t see how it could be reported as a particular issue or something. idk


Survey will pick up damp. Often the surveyor will comment on the likely source but sometimes it’s not clear. Next step might be a damp surveyor coming and looking into it.

Best off pressing your buildings company into resolving it.

Edit: if it’s penetrating damp.


Well I now I have to completely renovate that bedroom to make it damp free for myself to live in until we sell it in a year + so by then it won’t be anything really to say by then. I was just wondering if there was some way someone could tell there was an issue.