Buying a house - first steps

If he owns the whole freehold and leasehold apart from your first floor flat, then there’s probably no legal document that partitions the outside space.

If this is the case it would make things a lot easier.

If I was going to divvy up the curtilage (technical term, there), backed up by legal documents, I would split it left/right, with you having the side access and the left hand side of the garden, and the lower flat having the right, accessible direct from the rear of their flat.

To access the garden you would have to exit your flat at the front and walk around, but that’s better than creating an exit staircase from the rear of your flat.

I think the first thing to do would be to seek clarification on how the outside space is divided up legally at the moment. I suspect that it won’t be at all, and it will all be under his single freehold.

I’m not 100% of how the downstairs flat accesses the garden - whether it’s a door at the side, French windows etc, so splitting it down the middle left and right might not be feasible. I assume as you say though, that his partition isn’t on a lease anywhere. Guess it’s worth asking the guy though, problem is he’s in his 80s and only communicates via post, so might take a while…


I’ve genuinely tried to call back like 10 times and no answer??

They have 3 houses I wanna look at ffs!!

Does anyone have experience changing the estate agent they are selling their property with?

I am trying to sell my mum’s house and it hasn’t had many viewings since the first week it went up. Its been two and a half months now. We really spruced it up and took the price down but still nothing.

I feel like I want to give it a fresh go. The whole process is really frustrating especially when you hear about so many other similar properties being snapped up.

How easy it was depends on what your contract is with the current estate agent. Some contracts are exclusive, meaning that you’ll have to cancel the current contract before getting another in. If it’s a non-exclusive contract then get ringing around in the morning.

Seen 2 more properties I liked online. Tried to view them.

Flat no unless my house is already under offer… :sob:

How serious does the offer need to be?

I’ll give you a fiver for it.


Well that’s the thing, do I have to prove it?! Couldn’t I just say I’m a first time buyer or i’m renting my current property out?

It’s my dream house and I really want it :sob:

Fuck it, get Mr Meowington to call them and say it’s under offer.


…so they know it’s not you. Not doing a sexism here.


But isn’t the issue that if you find out you really do want it after a viewing they’ll tell you no anyway?

But I can still make an offer on a house if my house is up for sale? or do I have to have my house under offer before making an offer?

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if they’re restricting viewings to people with houses under offer, they don’t want to wait for someone who hasn’t got their own property already under offer basically. they’re deliberately cutting it down only to people who will likely be able to move much faster

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it’s up to the seller, but most people won’t accept an offer if you aren’t ready to proceed (e.g. first time buyer with mortgage agreed, or you have an offer accepted on your place)

So I shouldn’t really start looking at places until I have my flat under offer?
Everyone’s been telling me to go look at places now even though I haven’t even listed my place!

I still don’t understand how mortgages work!!

I know but my dream house!!!
They can wait for me!!

some places will let you either way, so you can view them, but yeah, the best ones… are appealing enough they can demand more from the buyer being speedy, it’s a problem!

Well the good thing to take is that there is high demand so lots of people moving about? Means I will probably be able to sell my place quite quickly but also would mean new places will come up quite a lot.

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i’d agree. there was no movement for a while but suddenly there are a ton of sold signs on my street