Buying a house - first steps


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Reposted the whole of that, cos I was drafting something then realised it’s all been said before.

To emphasise: I think a relatively impartial surveyors (as in Scotland) are a better basis for valuations than banks just ok’ing a sale price with apparently minimal likelihood of them refusing to lend to that level (as in England). The former is a reality check against, the latter is an easy route to precarious inflation.

I guess my take on the Scottish Vs English system is boiled down to the opinion that solicitors and surveyors are more trustworthy than estate agents and banks. Which is something of an oversimplification, but it’s the basic gist.

Yeah I’ve looked at this multiple times over the past few days and shared it with my dad. Also requested and accessed the survey!


If you’re willing to divulge… what’s the survey valuation?


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  • Less than £300k
  • £300-350k
  • £350-400k
  • More than £400k

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Bought a flippin’ house didn’t I? Need to sort the mortgage this week which is a nail biter


The Big Breakfast house!

Can’t risk it, might still smell like Evans.

Ahm oot.

Can you imagine serving Zig and Zag their eviction notice?

SO I viewed a house yesterday and loved it and put an offer in and they accepted! and now I’m absolutely shitting it with the logistics. I took my dad and he asked them loads of cringe but relevant questions. Being an adult is weirddddd


View in 3D for the full sinister experience


“Come in! Let me show you around!”

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A lot to take in. Reminds me of an episode of Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away where this guy had invested all his money in like 10,000 tiny globes


the view directly into the bedroom bin was interesting. Also liked the bowl of cereal(?) with spoon stored directly above the urinal!

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There’s always money in tiny globes, the Economist uses them as a handy index of relative currency values


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“Welcome to the man cave”

The man cave