Buying a house - first steps

I’m not a huge Clunes fan and he was being a bit of a dick here but I don’t think it’s possible to see that picture and not smile.


Just found a room full of grot and then the weirdest bath ever. Fuckkkk

The consensus seems to be that it’s an old baptism font and that the building was at some point a church.

It then became the HQ of an amazon seller:

I’m stuck in the basement. Can’t find my way out. Having flashbacks of being awful at playing Tomb Raider.

Can’t believe @xylo invited you to visit and not the rest of us.


this looks like when they show you footage post-abduction of where the kidnapped were held

Flat has been on the market since Wednesday and already had 3 viewings so that’s promising! Apparently one couple on Friday really liked it so hope they want to come back to view during the day!


People who have sold a place, how much did you end up paying in conveyancing fees?

No one wants to buy my flat :sob:

Flat in England, July 2020

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These things take time!


Thought this was a reply to meowington, first.

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Mortgage approved, think it’s all actually happening, and much quicker than we expected given the situation :grimacing:


We got our survey back and it’s largely fine. The windows came up as a 3 (should be addressed as a priority), we knew they were a bit shit but if we get a couple quotes in, how likely are we to be able to get the seller to help us replace/knock a couple quid off?

My mum (who has neither bought nor sold a house since 1991) is convinced this is a huge deal and the seller should sort but I dunno anything about windows :woman_shrugging:t2:

In related news, searches have been 2 weeks delayed but due to finally come in on Monday, solicitor reckons we’ll easily be done before the end of the month!

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Keep the faith! Great that you’ve had so much interest already.

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If shonky windows were a show stopper we’d have never even considered this place. Our wooden frames are literally disintegrating. We’re getting the ones at the front of the house done in a few weeks because there’s no way they’d last the winter.

Flipside - we’ve been here four years and are only just getting around to it.

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Thanks, good to know it’s not major. It didn’t look awful when we viewed, the survey just threw me by listing as a scary red 3.

so like a day after the estate agent rang me to say they’d showed someone else round the next day and they’d put in an offer higher than mine (the asking price) so they’re going with them. fuck that noise

I wouldn’t expect a seller to replace windows at this stage. I don’t know that you’d want them to, either, as they’re likely to pick the cheapest ones available.

You might be able to get them to reduce the sale price, but it depends whether you factored it in when you offered in the first place, how much money you have factored in for improvements, how desperate the seller is to keep things moving forward, and how prepared you are to wait, or for it to fall through.

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