Buying a house - first steps

You might do, if you’re still within the period of a fixed rate mortgage.

Yes, it’s one of the things your solicitor asks, and they’ll want a rough idea of what the early repayment fee will be in one of the earlier of the interminable rounds of paperwork.

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You might. If you have any early repayment fees then they will show up on your redemption statement. Some lenders also stick on a vague-sounding “completion” admin fee of a few hundred quid which you probably agreed to in the small print when you borrowed the money.

Had a fantasy browse round rightmove and want this now please


That’s very nice indeed but 450 seems a lot for a semi in Sheffield?

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It’s massive, in a nice area and has off-road parking and a big garden which is pretty rare for central-ish places. Would imagine it will sell for asking price or higher


Unless this was just a dig at Sheffield in which case I am HURT

Nah never. I just still have this unrealistic expectation that anything north of Oxford is affordable.

I think the way to get those kind of houses unfortunately is to do it yourself. My pals did a very similar conversion, including an almost identical blue kitchen, and they managed it by buying a house that the owners had lived in for 60 years and needed gutting.

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Christ. The TV wants to buy in Peckham and it’s literally giving me stomach pangs seeing what you could for the same price or cheaper just a few miles out let alone in different parts of England. The place she likes is £670k and I couldn’t even lie prostrate in the kitchen.


Wow - that’s really nice. Love the hall - so spacious.

We had an estate agent round today :grimacing:. Swore we’d never move again, but I think lockdown has made us reconsider.

Yep, fantasising about swapping our small two-bed gardenless flat for that Sheffield mansion. We’re at the point where we’re thinking about leaving London for exactly this reason, but no idea idea where we could go or why.

We’re moving out of the Essex/London border, but of all the places to go my parents are set on East Sussex so just as expensive. :roll_eyes:


We could do with a babysitter.


Can you all stay in London and stop pushing up prices everywhere else.



Don’t think M is old enough to babysit yet, sorry

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…can’t afford to

Mate I’m going further south

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Why do I keep looking in this thread…