Buying a house - first steps

Think I might move to @colon_closed_bracket s house


Come on, get the crayons out!


That looks lovely, here you can get a 1 bedroom apartment for that. :frowning:

Realised on my walk to the shops last year that I sold a one-bedroom basement flat in Stoke Newington for only slightly less that that, fifteen years ago.

Well, it’s ten days in, and we’ve had a grand total of… nil viewings :frowning:

I know that other people might be selling their houses, which might be pushing things back, but I was kinda hoping for at least some interest. In the back of my head I’m thinking “what if we never sell and we’re stuck here forever?” … I don’t think we’re asking an unreasonable amount for the property, given the work that we’ve done to it - but I don’t think people think about roofs and boilers and tanking membranes when they look at a property.

Eh, never mind. It’s nice living in a very neat and tidy house for now.

One thing that might be putting people off is the lack of floorplan. Photos look good, house looks nice, price also looks fine when looking at other stuff similar in the area, but a lot of people will want to know the layout via a floorplan before viewing.
Looks like a nice house though. GL


Think the market is very weird at the moment. Was obviously a big rush through spring for stamp duty relief, then I guess a lot try to wrap up in summer before school starts and so on. Might be a bit of a lull at the moment, but I’m sure things will change, looks like a lovely property, and it only takes one keen buyer.

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Yeah the floorplan is pending apparently - the guy came round and did it with the EPC too. There’s a bit of a delay on EPCs at the moment. Hopefully that’ll help…

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Yea the floorplan will really help. I’d also be tempted to ask for a few of the bedroom photos to be redone but this is a personal opinion. Try and take out some of they stuff so the look big and airy (because they are). I know you’ll have signed off the proofs so the EA might not be keen. Keep on at the EA to get feedback and find out what they’re doing to push it. It’s a lovely house there’ll be a buyer for it.

Also there’s a typo in the description and you should add if there’s any offstreet parking.

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I can’t really do an awful lot about the stuff. We’ve spent about two months decluttering the house and everything left is the girls’ toys etc that they don’t want to lose. (You should see the amount of stuff that we got rid of). We’d have to put stuff in storage somewhere but I don’t know where :frowning: He could probably crop them a bit better and maybe adjust the hallway picture so it’s on a level.

I did notice the typo so I’ll get him to correct that. And there is parking to the back - I think he was nervous to include it as it’s owned by a housing association who could redevelop it but then the council could stick double yellow lines on a road couldn’t they?

The floorplan is being drafted as we speak apparently. Sigh I shouldn’t have to be the one chasing this stuff.

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yeah I know we had exactly the same problem with selling our place as the kids were like 4 and 2 and we had stuff coming out of our ears. I think some cropping is a good idea. I remember filling our cars with stuff we didn’t want on show (waste paper bins, large toys that lived on the floor etc.) and then when the photographer came around I would rush in and take stuff out and then move it back. Definitely not saying your house is cluttered or messy(!!!) just I do think that the photos could better show off the size of the room, a lot of it just comes down to the photographer I think and the degree to which they’ll really make it happen.

Regarding the parking I’d just ask them to say something simple like “parking to rear” and that probably covers the uncertainty.

It’s really frustrating as you want to get it up as quickly as possible but there’s several parts to it. Maybe get the EPC and floorplan uploaded and then ask them to list it as a featured property in a week or two.

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We did the load the car trick, and moved stuff from room to room around the photographer, and put stuff in storage… guess it was worth it in the end but what a massive ball ache.

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Yo house hunting sucks! Yet I enjoy it quite a bit at the same time as I love architecture and imagining how spaces can work. But it does suck and is discouraging because everything is so expensive, things I love are just out of reach (ok maybe $200k out of reach). Everything in budget seems to need so much work inside and out. We sold our place in the spring and rented an apartment through the end of year, planning to buy another house in autumn. We ended up searching the last few months already because the market is so competitive here, but struggling to find something we love. We’re being far more picky than last time…after all we sold the house because it wasn’t working for us. I just took a 2-week break from looking at listings because it was really consuming me, planning to resume the search tomorrow. The break’s been nice, kinda don’t want to jump back in.

What’s that got to do with “first steps” in buying a house? Probably nothing, just killing time and venting in a real estate thread.

Where abouts are you looking?

I just can’t do that. And the idea of doing that again for a new set of photos makes my heart sink :frowning:

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We took the photos ourself when we sold my flat, which meant we could be a lot more flexible with moving stuff around, and didn’t have to worry about doing it quickly while there was a professional waiting to do their job around us.

BUT people should realise family houses are lived in, and if people can’t make those judgements properly then stuff 'em


I’m in Seattle.

Ah I bet that’s a tough market what with Amazon / Microsoft etc.

Yep. And I’m not going to dress my girls’ rooms up as double bedrooms just for the sake of it. Where am I gonna get two double beds from, and what am I gonna do with the singles?!