Buying a house - first steps

Seen 10 houses now (5 already this week, just got back from viewing a couple) and I reckon we can make a decent house out of all components from most of them. At least one of them we saw today had the holy grail of off-road parking for 2 cars around the back! The house itself was disappointing though, far too small downstairs, our flat is bigger.

I’m now dreaming of viewing houses and it’s driving me a bit mad now. Still awaiting our mortgage in principle, been told “they’re waiting to hear from the bank” HOW FUCKING LONG DOES IT TAKE???

Anone else imagining an inverted pyramid?

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Basically this, but with more Jawas.

Added drawback of being the one thing Storm troopers are capable of hitting

Might’ve bought a house already :grimacing:

Had an offer accepted, but getting the broker to run some numbers, and need to double check some of the school stuff. Slightly terrifying.


Fingers crossed for you

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ahhhh, the London Escape is real for you!

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All the way to London-on-Fen. Might be the only mugs in history not to make a killing in the London property market, but oh well. We’ll see how it shakes out this week.

Ever drank at the Royal Standard? Would be my new local iirc

Close to Relevant Records, as well then…

It is! Is the coffee any good there? I don’t buy vinyls so not particularly interested in it otherwise.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but I thought it was alright. The food is good as well.

Wow, congrats. Is it on the road named for a Mediterranean island? Anyway, if it’s near the Royal Standard you’ll be real close to us.

I’ll PM you

I have not!

Relevant Records has hosted DiSintegration State artists, iirc, so you’ll be right at home

Cyprus Hill?

Fuck’s sake @hip_young_gunslinger , I’ve booked in a viewing for somewhere now. Dr Mrs Epimer is fairly unimpressed. This is your fault.

Is the thought of my presence compelling you to leave Cambridge? Fair.

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