Buying a house - first steps

There goes the neighborhood.

They’ve just cancelled the viewing because our property isn’t on the market. Fair enough.

Definitely stumble distance from the blue. Congrats


Yeah, actual crawling distance places were either tiny two-beds or megabuck$$$ (we actually tried to view a place that was way over budget on the off chance it could come down, but were told it had received several bids far in excess of asking), but hopefully found a decent compromise.

Estate agents are asking us to knock 25k off our asking price after 2 weeks of viewings. That can’t be right, surely?

Reputable agent? Have you been at the viewings?

Loads of places overvalue to get the listings then ask to drop.

Did you get valuations from other agents? Were they similar?

We thought our agent overvalued ours but went with them anyway as they seemed good. Ended up selling for £35k less than the initial valuation but it wasn’t that unexpected.

Our first reduction was £20k after being on for 2 weeks with no offers.

Gah, literally this morning a place has come up on Gywdir St which looks lovely… Mrs HYG isn’t a fan though (even though it’s cheaper). Madness.

Two weeks seems pretty short. I didn’t think they made it onto sites like Zoopla for a week after the estate agents start to publicise them?


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If I was with an estate agent that was claiming to be ‘publicising’ my place but took a week to get it onto Rightmove and Zoopla I’d be pretty pissed off.

They send it out to buyers on their mailing lists first - usually having filtered it for what the buyer is after.

Then it goes up on Right Move a few days to a week later.

I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about an estate agent’s mailing list.

Get my property on Rightmove and Zoopla ASAP or GTFO.


Thanks (and thanks everyone who replied!)

They seem pretty decent and got the listing up on Zoopla and Rightmove straight away. We’ve asked them to keep it at this price for another two weeks and then we’ll drop it (but maybe not by 25k).

Our house was up on Rightmove the day after we signed off the marketing proofs. Our EA could have done it quicker but apparently they batch do the RM updates at the same time each day and we just missed it.

No reason for an EA to stall it and give their list priority, although we’ve been on the receiving end of an EA phoning us to say a house is coming to market soon and to book us in for a viewing as it fitted our criteria. We bought said house.


One thing we were told was that the right move price brackets kind of dictate the house prices. So like 85k would be an awkward price as you still end up being seen by people looking at under 100k, whereas 75k will get you into new search results. May explain the large drop.

We ended up going for an offers over price (which didn’t really work as everyone just looks at the number)


Flat is apparently going on the market today, the housing association FINALLY got back to me after 10 phonecalls and an email. I need to sign off the advert first, so whatever it says, even if it’s “shitty 1 bed flat full of bees” I’m just going to say yes as this feels like it’s taken an age to sort out.


This place would be perfect if everything were in the main house. Seems cruel to send one of the kids to go sleep at the back of the garden.

Are you kidding - surely that would be any child’s dream? (once they’re old enough to not get scared obvs)

I remember watching US TV shows when I was a kid and being so jealous of any characters that had their own separate living space to the rest of the family - felt like the coolest thing ever.


drumkit included?

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Looked at that earlier. Fuck that, I’ll live at the bottom of the garden. Bed, drumkit, toilet - don’t need anything else.