Buying a house - first steps

Reckon there’s something in that Helena Bonham Carter / Tim Burton idea of couples having separate houses next door to each other.


You say that, but didn’t they split up too?

Just had offer accepted for a place in Plaistow.
Further out than we wanted but its a terrace, sick of having neighbours above and below.

Anyone got any tips about the area? technically I should have done this research myself beforehand I know.


Plars=toe or Plays-toe, for one?


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And no one had to move out! See, ideal.


Good point - the same happened for Fatboy Slim and Zoe Ball - they owned three houses on Millionaire’s Row down here (it’s not actually called that, but it might as well be). He got one, She got one, and one is his studio

We have a dedicated thread for this lifestyle choice now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Plars=toe. Only ever used to go there for football, but enjoyed many afternoons in the Black Lion. Green Street is still a really interesting part of London - pie n mash, great Pakistani restaurants. Was always a bit lacking in pubs, but the Boleyn Tavern is being done up by the same people who did The Salisbury and the Queens in north London, so that bodes well

Loads of really nice houses round there. Great spot to buy I reckon. Hope it pulls off! Good luck.

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Just having a browse for what you can get in the countryside vs where we are now

Guess which house is on the market for more?

Psyche!!! It’s the bottom one, by 5k. (395k vs 400k), Dublin suburbs vs rural Roscommon.

Why does anyone live in a city? Need to get remote working and get the hell out

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Depends on the age of the kid. I had a friend when i was a teenager who lived in a shed and liked it so much that after they moved house he lived in the garage

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They are 6 and 3. Maybe we could stick them in bunkbeds until they’re ready to break free.

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I wouldn’t trust those cows.

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This x100000000000

We’re looking to move whispers back to the Isle of Wight early next year. Never ever thought I’d be saying that but there we are.



I mean look at this ffssssss

the lure of free childcare, huh :roll_eyes:

Only if you keep this

Also just move to Sheffield. I can probably look after a child


it’s genuinely been on the cards. haven’t ruled it out tbf.

Our friends are due their first in mid September so your child can have an automatic lifelong nemesis. Perfect.