Buying a house - first steps

What a world.
Good luck!

Fingers crossed all round bud!

Mortgage agreed and our survey has been completed (no real issues, woohoo), so we’re just waiting on the conveyancing to wrap up now. Is a completion/exchange date something we need to push for from our end or does it just get agreed as and when by the legal teams? It’s been six weeks since offer accepted, so I guess we’re about half way through now.

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All the mortgage and survey stuff was followed by four(!) months of dicking about by our solicitors. Keep on them (they will almost certainly blame the other solicitors for any delays), it also helps if you’re able to go into their office every once in a while to remind them that you still exist and are not going away until they do what you’re paying them to do.

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Cripes, four months!

Outbid. Back to the drawing board.


Going for a self-build, eh?


Ahhh mate


Mostly just dreading having to check Rightmove again all the time.

I’m still signed up to various agents lists, it’s amazing the shit I get sent that is so wildly off brief. I know they just stick you on a generic mailing list and fire you everything they have, but it’s pointless.

We’re another week in, still no exchange, lost count of the number of indemnity policies we’ve taken on to cover various issues from the buyer and their solicitors. Only positive this week was the FRA came back with a clean bill of health, which was a very pleasant surprise.

Where is the best* place in the UK that you can buy a house for about £150k please?

*interpret this as you would like

Hillsborough in Sheffield

3 bedroom terraced house for sale in Victor Street, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 (just an example)

Not especially cool but very practical and in a good location with good transport links. Good shops and facilities nearby, 10 mins on a bike into the peak district.


If you would enjoy island living, maybe The Isle Of Wight (at a push for £150k maybe)? Has pretty much the best weather of anywhere in the UK…

King’s Lynn!

Two bed property, close to the Norfolk coast, good commuting options into Cambridge, possibility of dinner at the CCB house.

You can pick up 3-beds for under £150K but maybe in a less convenient part of town. You could also pick up a 2 bed with slightly less funky interior decoration

2 bed semi for a shade over 100k?


  • Nice weather
  • Largely rural
  • Shitloads of outdoors things to do
  • Cheap property


  • It’s expensive and a massive pain in the arse to leave
  • Lacking in decent politics
  • Very white and very old
  • No jobs unless you work in healthcare or hospitality
  • You need a car to get around
  • Schools are a bit shit

We went with the solicitors recommended by our broker (L&C who have been great).

Currently been waiting 2 months, and they have responded to my request for an update with a canned email: “please dont ask for updates as it may delay things”.

Via: Properties For Sale in Dennistoun | Rightmove

Negatives: You can’t see the sea from here.

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