Buying a house - first steps

Having a right nightmare. Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem

We have been renting an apartment for the last 6 years, and last year the landlord phoned to say he is looking to sell and if we were interested. Really convenient for us so started the process directly with Landlord in i think September…all going ok but very slow, everybody involved just absolutely terrible but seemed like we were getting somewhere recently but here is the issue.

Under the Building Safety Act 2022, as my landlord also has other properties he is classed as a non-qualifying leaseholder, and therefore won’t be protected from any remediation costs involving cladding etc. This means he won’t get a certificate which gets passed on when the property is sold. The legislation was hurried through and is a complete mess - as it means that anyone buying from a non-qualifying leaseholder (so basically most landlords) won’t be protected?? absolute horse shit.

I’m in a position where the Conveyancer might drop out because they don’t want to touch these, the Lender actually might not even lend without the certificate, and even if both proceeded we would have to make the decision to either proceed but have the risk of brunting the cost of any work and having issues selling it later down the line or pulling out.

Anybody else gone/going through something similar? Apparently the legislation is going to be reviewed but keeps getting pushed back, so after review it might not even be a problem but it’s that risk we aren’t sure about.

Had an offer accepted on a house and then yesterday our buyer pulled out…as he has decided to buy a house in Majorca instead :upside_down_face:

Estate agent contacted the person who also made an offer so we are sold again but 3k down

Could have been much much worse I suppose

Fingers crossed

The uniquely awful nature of the whole process making it probably the only situation where you can be happy to lose £3k to.avoid further aggravation


Think @The_Respected_User has cladding issues not sure how similar though

Without being in the same scenario here, my advice is to drop it and find somewhere else.

We purchased 50% of a flat in late-2018 just before the initial Building Safety Act rendered the cladding on our building dangerous and in need of remediation and it has been a complete nightmare that still isn’t over. We’re coming up on 5 years now with the property being zero valued so we can’t sell or remortgage, the constant noise and disruptiveness of the remediation work has made living there a nightmare (at one point I got home to find four big holes in our walls where the guys doing the drilling outside had just come straight through…) and, despite it (hopefully) being over soon, I think the actual process of getting the relevant safety paperwork is still going to be a nightmare.

Unless you are properly in love with the place and able to stomach potentially years of it being a nightmare, I’d get out while you can.

To add to the above, maybe your landlord won’t be so keen to sell or will realise they can’t sell now. I’d make sure to let them know how unkeen conveyancers are on the buying side and maybe they’ll come to the realisation that they’re better off keeping you as tenants rather than trying to sell and risking having it empty for a long time.

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The suspicious part of me wonders if the landlord needs some funds and is seeing this as an easy way of offloading an potential liability?

Our house is on the market now (as of about two hours ago).

First viewing booked tomorrow.


It’s so stressful…out estate agent were great when we were selling our house…mthen they never contacted the buyer (as they told us) and then the buyer pulled out.

We got a new buyer on the previso that they sort the survey out quickly…a week has passed so I asked the estate agent where we are up to with survey…they’ll email them now…great so if I hadn’t asked you wouldn’t have asked either. Useless…they don’t get paid til the sale has gone through. Odd job.

Ugh. It’s a horrible process, isn’t it?

I love in Bristol where everything is expensive. My partner moved into her mum’s house in 2021 after she died. Last year l sold my flat and moved in with her. This took ages as my flat had dodgy cladding. Our aim now is to move somewhere slightly more central as we miss walking to things rather than driving everywhere.

So far we’ve looked at seven places. Six were meh to bad, but because it’s a little more central the rise in price is more like a cliff face than a curve. Finally we found a lovely one but had to compromise on everything we wanted in terms of space and distance from things. Even with that, we put in an offer yesterday of 20K above the asking price, and still someone put in more.

Obviously, this “sob story” is still from a position of privilege, I recognise that. We have her house (sold STC) and the money from my flat after paying off the mortgage. My moan is more that is there’s anywhere even remotely nice, everyone wants it and you haven’t got a chance. I was at least thinking we’d see loads of nice enough places, and eventually get one of them.


We’ve barely even started - we’ve not viewed anywhere and we’re waiting for the housing association to appoint an estate agent - and I’m already so stressed. There aren’t that many properties that meet our requirements and I don’t want to end up moving again in a few years because we had to pick somewhere we weren’t happy with. We’ve just chosen a solicitor and they sent me an email with FIFTEEN attachments. My dad’s previously given me some money so they want his details and I think they want him to verify his identity using an app, not really looking forward to having to get an easily confused elderly man to download and use an unfamiliar app.

I’m trying to contain my stress because I don’t want to appear ungrateful about being fortunate enough to afford to buy somewhere. But I’m so sick of living here and I’m so worried we’ll get stuck here for another year because it’ll take so long to find a buyer that all the suitable properties will have gone.

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The suitable properties do go quick, but more appear. Let’s hope we both get things moving soon.


Its a really annoying process
the house we are buying told our solicitor that the house is “sold as seen” as they live abroad
I got the estate agent to contact them and ask what that means ie leaving it full of rubbish and they have come back with all the things they are taking INCLUDING the wood burning stove (they say they will leave the pipe to the chimney)

Get to fuck - who takes the fire and just leaves a hole…hardly sold as seen - ive kicked off and our solicitor is on it

with regard finding a house try and bug estate agents (especially the people who you have sold your current house with as they dont get paid until its all sold so wont you to be sorted) and ask to get viewings before others

if you love the house then say youll make x off on the proviso its taken off the market immediately

maybe they won’t let you do it in bristol but thats what we did here

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Not an option with the one we loved unfortunately, and I understand why. 18 people were viewing it in the one morning. They put it on at a silly (low by Bristol standards) price. We knew we’d have to offer more than that, and 20K more wasn’t enough.

It’s not the end of the world and I again acknowledge the privileged position (we’re in the buying rather than renting market, not because we’re rich but because my partner’s mother died) - my worry is how long we have to find somewhere before the buyer of my partner’s place loses their patience.

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Completion date last week. Got the plasterer booked in start of March. Took an absolute age to find one, they are in high demand right now. I am a wee bit antsy about the size of the house as a whole…it is “cozy” to put it kindly and needs quite a lot of work. I think with some canny space management we can get the maximum out of it. My hope is next year we can demolish the garage thus extend the garden, while adding an extension on to the back of the house to create a little more space in the living/dining room.


Been watching Grand Designs and now I keep talking about space and mood like I know what I am on about.


the market in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas is berserk. 100% mortgage based on asking price but cash or equity-rich buyers over-bidding on a 2-bed flat by up to €80,000. Find a place, view it, and lose out all in the space of 48 hours. Starting to think all of my colleagues who effortlessly bought houses must be married to aristocracy

As soon as you start planning an extension you will rapidly discover what a mood is


The mood being “can I afford to eat?”


Viewing number nine now; last one of the day.

Amazing how quickly Wor Lass and I have identified the genuine interest from the tire-kickers.

We’ve now got a bet running that the one who successfully sells the house gets a meal from a chain restaurant. I’m probably going to go to Wagamama or Five Guys if I win.

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