Buying a house - first steps



The estate agent doesn’t get anything out of your deposit at the end of the tenancy though.


yep it’s landlords themselves. to be fair to DPS if you’re prepared you can usually fight back any dick moves.


Yiiiip. Although this reminds me. One place me and 2 mates moved out of. We spent the ENTIRE weekend before we moved out deep cleaning the place. Like 3 of us on it for 2 days solid. Place was spotless.

Then when we moved out we had £200 or so knocked off the deposit for it needing to be professionally cleaned. We were like “oh fuck THIS” and harangued the letting agent to get a copy of the receipt from the cleaning company. They provided it so I rang the company (small local one) to get to the bottom of it.

The woman who actually cleaned our house picked up and I was like “Do you remember doing this job?” and she was like “Yes it was disgusting - we needed two people to properly clean it, you lot had clearly left it in a right state”.

So there we go. Life lessons: 3 lads in their late 20s = not very good at cleaning.


I’m down about £1500 overall cause of landlords stealing from me

we’ve been given notice to leave at end of January (one month before the actual end of our contract) and I am not paying rent next month. She told us at the beginning that the deposit could be our last month’s rent and we are going to hold her to that. It’s also possible that we will be made homeless at the beginning of January too if the main landlord is already taking possession.


Sods law says that you’ll get your full deposit back this time. (you won’t actually, obvs)


Yeah to be honest we didn’t sign an inventory or anything like that when we moved in so probably could kick up a right stink and get it all back. Don’t think our landlord’s covered himself in that regard - no proof of how the flat was before we moved in etc.


Not really sure why this was an argument on reflection…

@TheWza please ignore my posts in future. You have a habit of taking big chunks of my posts and going over them. Maybe you do it to other people too but you also seem to quite often read the most uncharitable interpreations into things i’ve said. Here you have totally misrepresented me (to the point thst another user doing the same thing has apologised).

This is not the first time. I would appreciate if you just didnt reply to my posts from now on (and whatever the dis equivalent of subtweeting is, please dont do that as you have done here). I will do the same for you.


Decided I am going to buy a (real!) Christmas tree but only one of the little £20 ones. Also need to find some anthracite today or I am going to be super cold.

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

Looking forward to my max 3mb download speed yay.


Our vendor performed his own gas safety check - assume he was registered to do so. We have quickly discovered that they left us a minor gas leak from the oven (currently awaiting an engineer to reconnect it). Have emailed our solicitors to let them know - any ideas as to what course we have for formally complaining about this? It’s pretty shitty as well as being straight-up dangerous.


That’s really not on. The key thing is whether he is Gas Safe registered, if he is then he can inspect and issue a certificate no bother. If he isn’t then he is breaking the law and could be prosecuted. I would find out whether he is registered and contact Gas Safe people either way and explain the situation.
When did you move in? The leak could have developed in the time between them leaving and you moving in.If he is registered and passed it then it’s hard to prove the leak happened during his tenure, if he isn’t registered he is in the shit.


Yeah, I mean, we noticed a gas smell as soon as we went in post-purchase. But it’s impossible to prove, innit. Engineer reckoned it was because they had moved the cooker (presumably to clean behind it) and damaged the seal. In which case it may have been after the gas safety check (which was a few weeks before that). Just seems really shitty if, assuming he is registered, he left it like that. Wasn’t like it was a massive leak, but still… Also gonna set us back £70 to fix.


we had a dispute over boundaries last month, btw. major problem with the submitted drawing of boundaries submitted by solicitors for my neighbour’s flat which suggested i had less garden space than i did.

all sorted now - it was literally just that the drawing submitted was badly done and therefore not clear - but it had my xyloskin prickling for a while


Thinking of putting in an offer for a new house, guys!






Look at my house guys! 92.5k in a National Park :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to get decorating


What a beaut! That is HUGE pal!




‘Boosbeck’ :smiley:


lovely house. like how it comes with a chair outside to allow you to gaze at it!