Buying a house - first steps



Like its ok for someone to post what you call a ‘glib’ one liner like this but im not allowed to also reply with one line? Again you seem to have gone out of your way to misrepresent something i have said. Kinda unbelievable that youve put this down to me being stressed out and not at all a reflection of anything you say or do.


I absolutely love the exposed beams on the ground floor ceiling.


They’ve suddenly become “motivated sellers” for some reason?


A bit odd. Do you know how long it had been on the market for before you made your offer?


As a guess, a few months? Can’t remember.


Had a viewing tomorrow morning for this place:

But the estate agent has just rang to cancel saying they’ve had enough offers on it to not warrant any further viewings :’(


^this. Or their unrealistic expectations were checked by reality.


bit strange given it’s been up for 2 weeks. Ask if an over has been accepted, because otherwise you’re keen to view


Some of the offers may be contingent on the agent ceasing any further marketing (including more viewings). We specified that when we made our offer.


No EA or vendor is really going to do that while they consider an offer, even if you request it. Once an offer is accepted though then it’s reasonable to ask that all marketing is pulled and future viewings cancelled. Even then, the EA/vendor might play games.


Ours did it. If they hadn’t we’d have withdrawn the offer.


Yep, I did it too



Featuring duct taped car. The damp is a bit more terrifying than I remembered but so so pretty


Congratulations, the house looks fantastic.

I’m quite jealous you are living in that part of the world, and its so cheap compared to here.


I listed to the solicitor the furniture I wanted to buy and the prices but i didn’t list the three beds as they were down as free. The beds aren’t here. I have nowhere to sleep. I’m going to have to come up with hundreds of pounds that I don’t have and I’m just here in fucking tears. I didn’t spare any money for beds / mattresses. Just here crying yay.


I don’t even have a sofa I can sleep on


Try free cycle / gumtree for free stuff.


^ this. sleeping bags even, to begin with! who cares? YOU HAVE A GODDAMN LOVELY HOUSE <333333


Ahhh shit.
I slept on a few of those medium/big Ikea cushions for a few months when I first moved in. You can also reposition them to a sort of sofa shape if required.
Not ideal of course but maybe you could do something similar for now


Just realised I wrote two lists to be clear - the things I did want to buy and the things I didn’t want to buy. So as beds were on neither solicitor should have checked. Have rung up - they’re looking into it and calling back.