Buying a house - first steps



Crossing my fingers for you, pm


Look how pretty my table is though :grin:


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It depends on where/whether the beds were listed by the vendor. They will have had to be listed within the list of fittings to be included in the sale.

If they’re not included there, I suspect that the legal position would be that if the beds were not listed as being available to buy, then the assumption is that they are not included in the sale.

As others have suggested, a look at local freecycle listings would sort you out for a temporary solution, or maybe even a camping bed from an outdoor shop or similar.

It is annoying, but no house is perfect when you move in and it takes time to get everything sorted. If you are decorating the house, then an easily moveable and demountable bed might make it easier if you end up moving your bedroom around the house as you paint your interiors.


They were listed in the fixtures document as “free”


Oh, well you’re on solid ground with your objection then!


i guess unless they specified that they’d only leave items specifically stated as being wanted by the buyer?


This is the issue I guess. They listed some items (at cost) on the fixtures list that I didn’t want. I specifically listed the ones I didn’t want though.


you might be able to get them onside though, def worth pursuing it. if not, def agree with marckee that a campbed might be a winner coz they’re cheap, light and you can either sell it on or have a foldable spare once you’ve got a proper bed


Seems like a miscommunication. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted!

Like @marckee and @xylo say, an airbed is fine for a while if you end up not having a bed. You can get them for like £15 in Halfords:

Don’t sweat it!


I really like that fox card too! :fox_face:


Sleep upright in an armchair like Leon The Professional


They are very comfy armchairs. Need to remember how cheap I got the rest of the furniture.


Oh god the dreaded fixtures and fittings list…

From recollection it’s a tickbox exercise isn’t it? You just tick the things you agree to take, regardless of whether they’re free or not?

On ours the only major things we wanted left were the dishwasher and the garden furniture. We explicitly made sure the solicitors double-checked that they were happy including them. On the day of exchange our solicitor rang us to tell us the vendor hadn’t meant to include the dishwasher. When we moved in there was no garden furniture. We shrugged and sucked it up.


The only thing we specified as needing to be left was the wired in discoball. :dancer::man_dancing: True story.

He did leave all the kitchen white goods. Nice. And a load of crap from the shed that he took with him. Not so much. But he was a good guy (reminded me of Bernard from New Order). Came back and gave us and ‘induction’ on the various switches and taps, etc. Except that we’ve forgotten what one switch does - a single jobber with a red light that doesn’t obviously turn anything on or off and shall likely forever be known as The Mystery Switch.

Got any switches in your abode that you don't know what they're for?

As opposed to a bad guy (reminded me of Peter from New Order).


In a perfect world it turns your neighbour’s fridge on and off.


Got any switches in your abode that you don't know what they're for?

That sounds like my old houseshare. There was a red switch with a light on the living room wall. Turns out that it was the shower switch.

(If it’s a single switch with a light, it’ll probably be something on a 30amp circuit - so an electric shower, immersion heater, oven etc)



Good guess, but I can eliminate that from the enquiry cos we have a disused one of those just to the left of it.