Buying a house - first steps



Better than that we, actually do have pipework from the flats above that runs through a cupboard in our kitchen, with various stopcock/switching combinations that let us turn our water off (standard), all the water off for all the flats (useful), or… turn the water off for everyone except us (:smiling_imp: … but also useful if someone above has a leak, but we don’t want to sacrifice our own supply).

Other quirky stuff related to our place:

  1. We have two addresses - cos we’re in the ground floor, on the corner, in a tent block - our flat has a main door opening onto one street and the other seven flats share a common entrance and hall (which our ‘back door’ opens into) which opens onto the other street. Council tax, the electoral roll, and the electric meter are registered to the shared entrance address, everything else is registered to our front door address.
  2. We have a shower room and a bathroom and if you have the doors open, two people can see each other and chat whilst defecating. Or, they could have a poo race (haven’t done this …yet). :poop::grinning:

(It’s a shame @Balonz isn’t around, I think he’d enjoy that second nugget.)

  1. Could but never would unless the two people were complete weirdos.


Considering that there was a thread on here the other week that appeared to be a competitive hot drink drinking contest thread, I don’t reckon I’m too far away from being in the right place for recruiting a poo race pal. :toilet::poop::hourglass_flowing_sand::medal_military:


If you’ve got a redundant shower switch next to it, I’d bet it’s for an extractor fan.


A strong possibility. It’s not right next to it but it is near it, on a different wall, but in the same cupboard that backs onto the shower room. :thinking:


I think it’s an old immersion heater switch. An extractor fan switch probably wouldn’t have a light on it as it’s not on a 30amp fuse circuit.


Out of 8 double sockets downstairs only two of them work. No wonder vendor was so quick to accept my revised offer. Can’t have a fridge until it gets sorted and no money to sort it. It’s a lovely house and I love it but this was a terrible idea. I just assumed on the viewing that because the two sockets downstairs that had things plugged into worked the others would as well. Apparently I am very very stupid.


Are you sure that it’s the sockets that are not working, and that it isn’t just a couple of the fuses that have tripped?


Ah don’t know how to check that. All the ones upstairs are working at least.

Chimney sweep is here doing his thing so at least I can get a fire going soon.


Can see my breath indoors at the moment. But it’s starting to look very nice downstairs. Just need furniture.


First things to find out when you move into a new place include:

  • Where your external and internal stop valve are (for the water)
  • Where your gas meter and valve are
  • Where your electricity meter and fusebox/consumer unit are

From the survey/report you sent me, the consumer unit is in your kitchen. It should look like this:

When a fuse trips in the circuit, the relevant switch will pop upwards. All you should need to do is look for any that are in the up positions and flick them back down.


also take a meter reading


Oh yes, good point.


Thank you!


A reasonable shout. I’d need to convince myself that the electrics installation at that location pre-dates the installation of a combi boiler (and probably also the wall arrangement of the cupboard that the switch is in). A definite maybe. Might just have to text the guy at this rate to find out but can’t decide whether I prefer the mystery factor.


I wouldn’t be too disheartened with finding small things that weren’t as you expected. I remember walking into mine after picking up the keys and being :anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished: - I think it’s quite common. Your house looks like it will be a true gem, even if it is a rough diamond at the moment…


Have you had the moment where you think “I’m in someone else’s house, but I’m the only one here” yet?

Congratulations. Hope you have a good night’s sleep.


One of the most useful posts that’s ever been on here, this


Just got a step ladder and done this and it’s all working right! Sockets and shower and everything! I feel so silly for panicking. I actually have useful house knowledge now. Thank you so much! You have been so incredibly helpful through this! :star_struck:


Anyone do that thing early on after moving in where you wake up in the night needing a drink and turn the wrong way out of your bedroom and walk into a wall…

Just me… ? :sweat_smile: