Buying a house - first steps



You can put in the exact date and cost of improvements to sort this.

But yes, it can only be indicative, as can getting an estate agent round, or even a valuer. Only way to find a true value of a house is to try and sell it.


is there any way of getting an idea of what interest rate you might get without actually going through with an application?


Use a broker or just use an online price comparison site.


do the online comparison sites enable people to see what they are actually likely to get or just what is possible?


They don’t take into account your income, but they give you an idea on rates based on the property price and what you want to borrow,

My broker was free, and found me good deals.


Anyone know anything about buying land?

I’ve seen a small plot of amenity land for sale, due to be auctioned quite soon.

I very much like the idea of building a little eco-house on it, something like this: (this is the same as the show home opposite Platt Fields Park, Manchester dwellers)

What are the chances of getting planning permission to build on amenity land? Would it be worthwhile speaking to the council’s planning department?


Posh guy I know is buying a house on Byker wall Knew it’s the way the workd works but it’s still sad to see.


Definitely speak to a local planning officer before the auction.

Amenity land is often tied into neighbouring properties and developments, and councils can be very reluctant to allow a change of use. It’s often been designated amenity land because it provides a setting for, of a view of, a historic building, or it could be the set aside amenity space for a neighbouring residential development.

Asking a planning officer about the plot and what their Local Plan says is the best way to go.


Trying to organised two men to sort out the house stuff is proving to be quite something.

Part of me wants to take charge and do it all.
The overriding part of me is that this is in their interest to get this sorted too…and it means I won’t pay any rent/bills until then so saving more money.


that looks so so cool and very jealous if you’re able to get this off the ground (pun intended).


edit: sorry, misread and thought you were on about removals!



It’s this gated yard area here:


I wish!
Nope. Organising two men to sort out valuations and stuff like that. Stage one was agreed a week or so ago, no one has made any moves to arrange the appointments.
And the guy who i’m buying out is keen to rent somewhere else so someone needs to budge soon.

CBA THO. Not my mortgage. Not my problem (yet!).


sucks through teeth

looks complicated given it’s got buildings on two sides and clearly some form of access has been granted through there, will need to check the land registry and as marckee says, get some advice from planning as to what is remotely feasible.


Without knowing exactly where the site boundary lies, it looks like the neighbouring properties have a right of access, and the site is totally covered by two large trees.

For the latter, you can probably do a desktop search of the local TPO (Tree Preservation Order) database. Those trees look like they might have one on there.


Fucking trees!

Thanks - I’ve submitted a request to Manchester council TPO as their data is not yet available online.

There is right of access to one flat, above the shop on the end.


Yeah, I think I’m getting carried away. Never see land here come up for sale, and certainly not at the guide price that this is listed at!

Probably going to have to keep on dreaming.


Ok so we’ve had 3 valuations done. Realistically, what would the likely genuine sell price be for us to use as a guide when it comes to buying out the other party?

One said £400k, the other said you’d be very lucky to get £390k and the other one gave a wild range between £390k-£410k.

I need to find a solicitor now to ask for their advice. Any recommendations?

Things have been somewhat complicated and tensions are high so think its time to hand over to a solicitor to do my negotiations? Right?


Have you been looking at Rightmove? Do you have a feel for what it would sell for?


Reasonable custom would dictate using the midpoint here. So £400k.