Buying a house - first steps



House we had an offer accepted on June 16, then fell through, then had another increased offer accepted on few months later, and then they pulled out the NEXT day has come back on the market…for £40k more!
40k in a year and a half! God I hate those people and hope they have a horrible selling experience. Might put an offer on and waste their time


Tbh, I think based on what you’re saying my approach would be to go to them with the three quotes, say you’ve averaged them, and you think that’s fair. If they disagree, then come up with a number and let you know how they’ve calculated it.


Absolutely not.

From my perspective (which is perhaps worthless) I wouldn’t be quabbling over a few grand on a house price because it’s family and that, I think, supersedes it. Compromise on both sides for the greater good but it doesn’t sound like the brother’s being especially compromising either (I don’t understand him asking you to cover his mortgage payments if he moves out before you officially by it - that’s his problem).



Actually I’ve got an idea - get your Dad in the mixer. Problem solved.


Don’t rely on more valuations to reduce the uncertainty. Think you’ve got a pretty tight/clear answer from the three you have.


^this. You’ve got a range that’s what, 5%? More valuations are unlikely to reduce this.


I really don’t want to quabble…but I also don’t want to be taken advantage of. I feel like I’m being put in a bit of an uncomfortable situation with lots of pressure to keep someone else financially well off when that shouldn’t be a factor in this. It should be paying whats fair, not what will keep people happy.

I need someone impartial to take over I think. And that definitely ain’t my dad!! That hot head will have the whole thing fucked even more within 2 days of touching it.


Yeah you have my eternal sympathies with this - it sounds really tough when it shouldn’t be. British people get really funny about house prices and their entitlements within. They really do. You’re both in a really good (some would say privileged) position with all of this - he would do well to remember that. Especially when there’s family involved.

Hope you can arrive on a fair figure soon so this part of it at least is over with.

(And yeah I know re: your Dad. I said that as a bit of light relief!)


Meo’s Dad vs BF’s Dad
15 rounds of 3 minutes for their Children’s honour!
Troxy, Commercial Road, E1
£10 adults, £6 concessions.


Thanks Geoff! Appreciate the chat/mini rant.
It’s very much an unnecessary stress that no one needs! I also just don’t see how someone would be expecting a huge payout on a property for only having it for under 2 years and making no improvements to it (which it needs. We have to do a new bathroom straight away).

I’m hoping so too!

I spoke to my mum last night on the phone and the entire time I can hear my dad shouting in the background about it despite not knowing what I’m even saying :laughing:


you hold firm until youre happy meo. don’t let them push you into something you don’t feel comfortable with or it will still feel uncomfy for a while after the matter.


Sounding off is good in lieu of a fix. No worries. Doesn’t sound to me like you’ve been unreasonable at all with this. People get very entitled about property and how much it’s worth and what is their right to it. It’s sad but hopefully this will get resolved soon and you’ll look back on it and laugh…


Thanks Matt!
It all feels a bit tainted at the mo! It should be an exciting time and it’s just SHIT…

But it should all be ok in the end.


stressful at the best of times, but then extra family complicating things :confused:

still, give it time and itll be settled and awesome :+1:


I think it’s absolutely fair to suggest that should be taken into consideration.


I don’t know if estate agents sites already have this, but have you tried searching the land registry price paid data to see how recent sales have gone for


Guys - I didn’t want to mention it in the middle of a discussion about meowington’s stressful situation, but I exchanged on a new house earlier today!!!


I have not followed this properly, so apologies if this has been covered, but for clarity unless you have paid someone for a valuation, with report, it isn’t a valuation, it’s an opinion of value from someone who wants the job of selling the place to get a commission.

If you want a true value all the concerned parties should agree to pay a valuer (not an agent) to write a report that you agree to accept however it comes out.


Ace news!


ooh interesting. I didn’t know this so thank you! I will speak to the other parties about this!