Buying a telly (help / recommendations)

Don’t think I’ve ever actually bought one before. Just had ones as part of various lettings / inherited from family.

*Looking for 40-50 inches. (how ridiculous would this be in a small-ish living room with a sofa close?)
*Netflix and apps and that would be useful.
*Especially one that has a built-in chromecast-style streaming feature.
*Reliable brands / who I should be avoiding

Ideally wanna be able to get it from Argos (got a year to pay for it), and spend around £500. No more than £600.

I’ve got a Panasonic 40’ smart tv, it’s great and was approx £450 ish from currys

That size will probably feel massive unless it’s a big room.

I’ve found that with modern tellies more money often doesn’t equate to better quality. A £300 on will normally be about as good as a £700 one.

Investing beyond this flat though. Hopefully will be better suited for where we go in a year or two.

Plus, even in a small space the 32" seems weirdly small now I’ve got used to friends/family new massive style ones.

There are guides for the most appropriate screen size for a room, and the most appropriate resolution for a screen size.


Samsung TVs regularly come out as the best option across the ranges, so I guess pick one that sits within the tier you’re looking for, and then have a read around reviews on places like WhatHiFi and stuff.

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I’ve got a Samsung smart tv. It’s pretty good.

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32 inch is plenty for a small room unless you like picking out individual pixels



Get the one with the best contrast ratio, if you play games make sure it’s got a good ‘Game Mode’ with low latency, all tv’s tend to be smart these days.

LG and Samsung are 2 brands I personally recommend

I spent two of the most boring evenings of my life researching this recently and the £319 42” Hisense one from Tesco looked fine.

Ended up not buying anything, though.

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I got a £300 and something 50" Bush TV delivered to us by Argos, plus a £30 Amazon Fire Stick. All fine.

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Sorry, should’ve added a bit more. I got a Samsung 42" 4K smart tv for £400something. I did quite a bit of research and I’m confident I got a good tv for the money.

I’ve got a 40’’ in a small living room and sit about 6ft away from it, it’s fine not too big at all.

Saw a good one for 40 quid, the sound is broken but at that price you can’t turn it down.

(pretty sure i’ve mentioned this before on here)


I was gifted a 50 incher by my aristocrat m5 that for some reason wanted to upgrade and it looks ridiculous in my medium sized room.

But oh boy, the entertainment!