Buying a TV (Rolling)

I really like my soundbar (Samsung) I got it as a deal with my TV and it has a separate subwoofer but it’s wireless so you just stick it in the corner next to a power plug. It really helps with seperating the vocals and has good quality audio. Works nicely as a bluetooth music player. I think soundbars are better now than they used to be, and mine looks quite slick just behind the TV (which is hanging from a bracket)

Ignore the screen! I was showing off to @hip_young_gunslinger

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Haha, I thought the one consensus I had found was to avoid soundbars :upside_down_face:

I managed to find a temporary solution by connecting my TV to a wireless speaker using an aux cable, and using youtube via my Switch.

There are a lot of crap soundbars out there, for sure.

Not sure how good a TV purchase it’ll be for HDR as it has no local dimming but it seems like a solid 4k set otherwise. The roku features are insane. The os is great for a TV at any price

I knew I’d find a thread anyone got any updated suggestions. Quite ridiculous but due to placement it has to be a 50inch. Any suggestions?


:man_shrugging: Not silly but a fair bit I’m yet to get the figure from the Project Manager, Mrs Roughyed.

It’s all happened a bit fast we’re getting a new fire this week, after being told they couldn’t do it until March. And part of the deal is they will put the tele in the fireplace but they need at least the model number so they can get the bracket etc.

I thought I had time to research, make a spreadsheet maybe even a cheeky powerpoint. Nope need it for Thursday pal.

If it’s a grand get a nice oled if it’s like £350 get the hisense roku i’ve got because it’s pretty good (amazing for the money) especially if you like streaming apps and shit.

Will definitely be at the OLED end I think. We’re off to John Lewis for a mooch see what there is.

50s a bit of a weird size I think

Yeah that’s the size that will fit

They do the LG OLEDs in 48 or 55

I don’t know your arrangement, but be aware that you should have some space around a tv if it’s sitting in a recess, for ventilation.

Standard sizes are typically 49 and 55 inch, but there’s still a significant drop off in features between the two. OLED is just starting to filter down to the 49 inch sizes.

If you’ve read this thread, then you’ll see that new model TVs come out from around November/December time, which means that last year’s models drop significantly in price at this time of year. Use a website like Pricespy to track a particular model and note when there are offers on. John Lewis and Richer sounds should be your first port of call to actually purchase the TV, and they will usually price-match to equivalent offers.

Flashbacks to when we had ours put on a wall bracket. The fitter doing it wanted us to provide the bracket. Annoying. Requested that he recommend a place to get it from. He linked me to a site. I fully scoped it all out and bought the appropriate bracket for the TV. They sent it ok, but we discovered, on the morning that he arrived to do the job, that it didn’t fit per the description/claim on the site. So while the guy got on with some other jobs they were there to do also, it was down to me to run around like a blue-arsed fly sourcing and acquiring a replacement. But JFC what a tedious and frustrating job that was at short notice. Ended up just splashing the cash on the best J-Lew one to minimise the chance for another fuck-up. Was an fully-fold-out-able-arm one, rather than a static position or basic-tilt one. Which worked out well in the end as I’ve ended up plugging things in and out more than expected, so the easy access is appreciated.

To top it off, the guy had made a small pencil mark on the wallpaper as a guide for installation height, then at the end of the job tried to rub it off with a wet finger rather than an eraser, resulting in a thumb-sized fucked up bit of wallpaper. It’s not quite visible when day watching the telly, and you only really see it if you go looking for it when stood up near to it, thankfully, due to the pattern and colour of the wallpaper. Proper amateur hour nonsense, that, though.

Luckily they are including the bracket in the price so it isn’t our problem.

Think we have found a LG OLED or Samsung need to double check now.

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Between this

and this

Oh sod the Samsung that one connect box is a nonsense.

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I really love 48 inch tvs. I think its the perfect compromise between cinematic experience and ob obnoously huge for most large bedrooms

Went for the LG by the way.

I bought the LG CX OLED last year and my only real gripe has been the webOS software, although I have nothing to compare it to as never owned a smart TV before. It’s not terrible either, just a bit crap.

All that said, spending a bunch of cash I didn’t / don’t really have (on finance) probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, and it hasn’t exactly been a life changing purchase.