buying an audio player (as opposed to using your phone)

Anyone got one? heard good things about the old Sony range, and the new Fiio ones.

What’s the benefit? Better audio quality? Phones are pretty good these days, aren’t they?

I have a Onkyo DP-X1, I’ve had it for a few years so I imagine there are newer models now:

It has 2 micro SD card slots and internal memory so is an absolute beast when it comes to storage space. It also runs on android and so you can run spotify from it.


From what I’ve understood from that DankPods video the higher-end FiiO ones have balanced output for fancy-pants audiophile headphones.

Also sometimes miss the days where my iPod was just a music machine and not something that I also get sent memes and texts from my Mam to come down for dinner on. I wouldn’t get an audio player any time soon but I get the appeal even for non-audio heads. If I ever decide to go dumbphone I can see me splurging for one.

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better audio quality aye.
Much better battery life, onboard DAC chip, larger storage capacity, ability to user balanced headphone jack rather than the 3.5mm one


thats fkking cool thanks, and about the same price as the Sony one I was thinking of (£220).
Are you using balanced “cans”? and whats the battery life and storage?

Yeah that’s what I was after. Just a modern iPod basically that can play flac. Not fussed about having android OS on it or anything either

I’ve got a Sony NWA-45, it sounds way nicer (and goes louder) than my phone. Plus it avoids me filling my phone storage with the many, many Modest Mouse bootlegs


Storage is down to whatever micro SDs you use (it says on the site they support up to 256G memory cards but they can talk larger micro SDs they just weren’t that prevolent at the time of writing the specs as my Dad is using micro SDs that are larger than 256), I currently have two 256G micro SD cards inserted so have 576G of space what with the internal memory as well (I use the internal memory as temporary storage for podcasts I download to listen to when commuting).

I don’t have compatible headphone for the balanced mode so whilst he balanced feature is turned on it only activates when the player recognises compatible headphones. Sound quality output is still excellent though with standard MP3.

Battery life is pretty decent as long as you remember to turn off wifi and bluetooth when you are not using it (otherwise that will drain away the battery pretty quickly). I’ve also had it for a number of years now and have not noticed any decernable decrease in battery life durning that time and I use it most weeks either when i am out plugged into my headphones or car stereo or bluetoothing to speakers/the stereo in my house. It says 16h continious playback on the specs but I think that’s probably a bit conservative because if you start it playing and then don’t view the screen at all I would reckon it would play for longer than that (I have accidentally left it playing in my car for half a day and came back to find it still had over 50% charge).

The only annoying thing I have with it is that if I haven’t connected it to the wifi for a little while it can lock up and require a soft reset to get going again when I do as it tries to update the few apps I have on it whilst I also play some music.

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thank you…thumbs up.
Hadn’t heard of that onkyo model. They made incredible tape decks back in the day i heard

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in theory I’d like one, in reality I’d be terrified of losing it

I have the Fiio X3 and it’s pretty much what you described. Plays Flac files ,looks and operates like and old school Ipod , so nice nostalgia factor there. Can pick them up relatively cheap too.

The down side off it , is when people ask me at work , why don’t you just use Spotify on your phone? There is no answer where you don’t sound up your own ass.

" This can play FLAC files which are higher quality than Spotify"

" I still buy MP3s as I like to support artist and own music"

Both great answers to make sure no one ever asks you about anything ever again.


“This one has the 9038 PRO DAC chip, which despite not achieving true galvanic separation, does offer a uniquely open sound compared to your common or garden mobile phone”

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