Buying clothes for someone else


Aight so, inspired by DiS hivemind helping me yday, IF I were to say to you you needed to buy a full head-to-toe outfit for a partner, family member or pal of your choice, how close do you reckon you could get to them being pleased with your choices? So I guess this is asking how good you reckon your own eye is PLUS how well you’d be able to pick clothes to make them feel comfy.

  • They’d be made up and look absolutely ace
  • They’d look ace from my perspective but probably wouldn’t like it
  • They would look like puke and would hate it too

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Depends entirely on how they feel about Chewbacca onesies.


bloody hate clothes and all they represent, other than simple utility.

Why can’t we all just wear identical sacks or whatever


I probably shouldn’t be trusted to dress myself. She’d just be all, “this is all well and good but you realise I’m basically cosplaying as Daria right now, right?” and I wouldn’t see the problem.


i could now comfortably buy clothes for thewarn


probably a couple of pals who i’d know exactly what to get for so we’d both be happy with it. everyone else not so much.

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who am I kidding. If I can’t dress like a 40 year old pretending to be a 22 year old skateboarder, give me death

insert buscemi/how do you do, fellow kids picture here


absolutely depends on the person


that’s why i gave you the choice, japes.


changed my vote based as i hadn’t paid attention to ‘of your choice’

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I could do you a good lycra outfit I reckon

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your correction and admission of lethargy is very much appreciated


g’on then



poor guy’s arms never did recover did they


not sure about the arm holes being positioned at the hips but the likeness is pretty good


For some reason I read this as just being about dressing our partners. I could definitely dress a whole bunch of my mates - we’ve all been dressing the same for the past 20 years at this point anyway.


I seem to have drawn a Victorian strongman.

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your partners eh?


hup! HUP!