Buying music as presents



Christmas and all that.

Used to do this a lot especially for friends - knew they liked an artist so would get a cd/record I knew they didn’t have or something in a similar vein. Download/streaming era just seemed to make that pointless but I think with the vinyl revival stuff it has come back as a potential nice present idea.

So anyone going to do music as gifts this year?

Will probably get an album each for my 12 year old niece and 10 year old nephew. Any suggestions welcomed as I’m a typically uselessly informed Uncle. Might get my sister a record as well but not so sure.


Always do as much Christmas shopping as possible in record shops. much better than other retail environments. I love receiving cds or lps so probably just project that onto others. Anyone who owns a turntable in particular is an obvious target. Only a maniac would buy someone an mp3.


7 inches are quite good as like an additional present too


I’ve started buying albums for my dad the past few years, mainly because he has fairly good taste in music, but is terrible at discovering new stuff. Like, he bought the first James Blunt album because he saw an advert for it on the telly. Thankfully he thought it was terrible, but it was worrying that he bought it in the first place.

I got him the Wayfaring Strangers Cosmic American Music comp for Father’s Day, the Angel Olsen album for his birthday and I’ve got him the Shirley Collins album for Christmas.