Buying Shares

Since my few pounds worth of savings ain’t up to much these days, I thought I’d look about investing in some shares.

Does anyone else on here already do it?

Guess what would be good to know is, where or who is best to trade with? Don’t know where to start. But ready to start making those big bucks!

Blue horseshoe loves Anacott Steel

Pork futures

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Lemme just grab a pen write these down real quick

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Frozen concentrated orange juice

buy low and sell high


My top tips:

Transatlantic Zeppelin
Amalgamated Spats
U.S. Hay
Confederated Slave Holdings
Congreve’s Inflammable Powder
Baltimore Opera Hat Company


Buy High, Sell Left


Used to go to school with a lad who claimed his dad bought shares in Man United meaning he owned the Stretford End penalty spot and could in theory stop a penalty kick being taken if he needed to. In hindsight i’m a bit disappointed i didn’t press him more on the logistics of this.


I bought some cheap shares a while ago, one company shot up through the roof and I sold it taking the cream off the top, the others plummeted and I still own them but they are worth very little. In conclusion I am about even if not a little bit up. But I had to keep my eye on them and could have just put my money in a ISA.
My second conclusion is the corporate fat cats make there money out of the independent traders like us, they have faster update info and can buy and sell much more quickly. I used - Execution Only Share Dealing

There’s an app that lets you trade virtually I heard about, to help you get a feel of the systems. And I guess to see if you have any aptitude for it.

You will of course be dismissed as a neoliberal by the rest of us diehard commies.

If you’re talking about investing then in general I would say that this is a good idea.

If you’re thinking about trading, I would say don’t bother.