Buying Stuff as Part of Doing Stuff

Nothing wrong with having a bunch of nice notebooks though!

Oh no, I wasn’t saying that you were, I just think it’s a pretty cool story that I’d not heard before.

You don’t have to answer this, but were you in a backing band, or was it your ‘own’ band?

Um, bit of both - used to work as a songwriter and a musician.

As with all these things, bits of the story are cool, bits are just sort of… Meh.

Well I think you’re cool.

That makes one of us! I’m a parent and a typist, dunno if that’s cool but hey.

“Free returns! Which I definitely won’t use

I think you’re right. At least by owning a chainsaw I can subtly drop it into conversation with strangers down the pub, and start sentences with “as a chainsaw owner…”


I’m struggling to think of a conversation topic that you couldn’t drop it into.