Buying stuff for work out of your own pocket

Ever do that?

Currently having an internal battle on whether to buy these or not:

Just put in an expense claim this morning and it’s fairly doubtful that I will make another claim in the next three months.

I mean it is only £1.whatever it was and it will make my wallcharting far happier but it is eating me up inside.

Just thought I bought my current notebook myself as well! But it was very cheap and nice.

expense it, mate


We may sell these at my work, I can’t remember. How about I send you a pack and a receipt to submit, then use the pound for whatever your heart desires up to the value of a pound.

Noise-cancelling earphones to deal with the world’s loudest person being moved to outside of my office. Then they moved them to another building.

Also stuff I never expensed due to embarrassment.

Decent pens. Do I look like the sort of person who uses Bic biros on a daily basis??


I will not expense below a tenner, I simply won’t.

Unless I go through the dartford crossing twice in the next three months I won’t have a tenner’s worth as there is no travelling or partying planned in bleak Q1.

I’ve never claimed back mileage because I can’t figure out how and can’t be arsed finding out, if that counts.

Thank you for your offer but that sounds like too much effort!

Sometimes, seems a bit cheap to expense a £1 bus fare. Would also just buy certain bits of stationary myself as it wasn’t worth having to justify it to our administrator.

I have to do that with HMRC - they won last year as I didn’t get back on them after first rejection.

I’ve got a colleague who has submitted 17p petrol claims before (his house to the local train station).

He’s not even Scottish.


Phew. It really is.

Maybe I am going to put in a stationery order!


Can’t remember the woman’s name that I need to ask - back to the drawing board.

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Unless you need to order a new drawing board?


Hey baby. Wanna come back to my drawing board?

my colleague puts office milk on expenses, i do not

we’re talking £1 a week

Yes, all the time. What can I say, I’m a hero.


An underpaid hero.