Buying stuff in Duty Free


No one does, do they? Well, okay, I think there are three situations where people might buy something in duty free:

  • You’re a dirty smoker

  • You’re an Up in the Air style businessman and you need to buy a last minute gift for your abandoned wife

  • Foreign chocolate for the office because you forgot to buy anything else

It’s not even cheaper for most shit!

So, duty free - RUBBISH.


I have bought one duty free item (bottle of Star of Bombay that was on offer for the exactly 35 euros I had left on me at the airport - It was a very, very nice gin tbf)


Big bottle of booze, prison tokens and some summer scent? Absolutely.


Yeah it’s pretty bad.

The only time I recall it being worthwhile was if you’re leaving a European country with very specific national alcohols. In this case those tend to be cheap at the airport as you leave. But then you have to actually like them.


I walk round anxiously in case I’m missing out on bargains but it never looks very cheap. Also the exchange rate is shocking.

I got some perfume the other week and when I looked at my statement it was ridic expensive.


I bought a 1 litre bottle of some weird Russian vodka in Dubrovnik airport for 5 euro once. Also bought some vodka back from Poland years ago (probably couldn’t buy any in real shops because we only had hand luggage so were forced to buy at the airport).


I used to work in a duty free.

Ask me anything!



EXCEPTION: cheap/interesting foreign spirits, e.g. from Croatia.


Big fuck off Toblerone mate


Gigantic Kinder Egg and a national football shirt? Don’t mind if I do.


Is this ‘street’ for cigarettes?


I actually buy myself a Jo Malone perfume from Duty Free every time I go on a big holiday. That perfume then becomes the scent of the holiday and then when you spray it at home you go “ahhh it reminds me of…”


Is Jo Malone Supernanny?


Thats Jo Frost.


Usually buy cheap sunglasses as I’ve usually lost/forgotten/broken them before any holiday.




Oh yeah, thanks.



I’m currently on English Pear & Freesia reminding me of Malaysia :heart:


can i see your boarding pass? no you can’t! fuck off!