Buying yourself presents cause you deserve them


Just bought myself a little dinosaur and some sweets and tea and a dinosaur mug and a cat print card. Might even write the card out to myself.

Buy yourself something!!!


its chocolate peanut butter fudge


I do this way too regularly already and I literally do not deserve to do so.


Good haul. Cracking mug.


i got myself a new skipping rope just now :o


its what I imagine @punkosaur to look like


I bought myself this yesterday.


what is it?


bits of metal, plastic and cable.


new door handle


That mug is ace.

Just bought myself an expensive coat but it was sort of a necessary purchase as my old coat was a Christmas gift from my mum when I was 17.


Oh holy moly, that fudge! I LOVE the fudge kitchen. I can’t go in there or else I’ll just buy everything. I had Battenburg fudge from there once and I just exploded with happiness, I haven’t been right since.

I’ll hoping I’ll buy myself some beer festival tickets this afternoon :smiley:


Just this week I treated myself to tesco £3.90 wine instead of the usual £3.50 bottle, and I also bought myself a 12 pack of carlsberg just as a special treat


guys I seriously really cheered myself up with this stuff, try it!


I’m never truly content unless I know I have some piece of tat that I bought online winging it’s way to me.


Just ordered one of these as a pay day treat, probably should have bought some jeans or trainers as mine are falling apart


oh man that is a good haul. well done you, you deserve them you’re right


Hopefully within three weeks’ time I will have confirmation of permanent funding for my job role (my first properly permanent contract since I left my job-before-last in 2006).

So I’m gonna treat myself to a new guitar :slight_smile:

This one looks good. A long way to travel for a guitar though…£550/1213303032


I saw this thread title and thought, “that reminds me I should really stock up on tinnies when I go home.”

You’re clearly a thinking man’s man.


if it ain’t carbon, it ain’t a present