Buying yourself presents cause you deserve them



Might get another overdrive pedal as a treat. I was listening to a clip of lots of pedals and the surprisingly nice one was only £25.

Might get an £80 looper while I’m at it to make the postage worth my while, though.


Going Cirque Du Soleil tomorrow night, might go Manc by the sea tonight (if these count)



also carbon


Best element.


<posts can’t be empty>


Get the £210 ditto x4 looper, it is a slippery slope skip to the inevitable end


probably going to buy msyelf a book (one of those ‘nature books’ I seem to be into recently; ugh) from a charity shop

really treating myself


But look how cute it is!



I wish buying things filled me with anything but guilt


What the x4 lacks in appearance it makes up for in midi sync ability


Thought those were little cat shaped biscuits at first glance. Perturbing.


Literally just trying on a dress I ordered online for my trip to Malaysia. It’s folky and cute and I loooovvveee it!

Probs gonna shorten the sleeves tho


Excuse for a nice weekend away in Edinburgh!


Alright, Agent Cooper


lovely! really suits you


I think I’m going to buy myself some patch cables. Non-stop party at casa 874682345633486535346546


i’m going to buy some mugs



I think maybe I will buy myself a cup of coffee


Great mug!