Buzzfeed have ripped off our own DarwinBabe



Look, @DarwinBabe posted this thread

on 15th September.

Now on 26th September BuzzFeed post this:

Not on!


Those fuckers!



mine’s better though, right?


Imagine plagiarising a DiSer’s work for cheap social media likes/shares. Disgusting




I got 9/14 on the Buzzfeed one

You got 9 out of 14 right!
Woah! You stormed it. Well done for being an art genius.


Not even gonna click on it, buzzfeed wankers.


think i got 3 of darwinbabe’s


got 12 of the other one.
babe’s was more challenging i.e. better




cant imagine writing for buzzfeed and not laughing at yourself constantly


Suppose it makes a change from 23 things that make you feel old