By chance I encountered a programme that was hosted by Giles Coren and Monica from Mastercook!



What cunt came up with that idea?


Saw a programme with them two last week where they were pratting about in some hotel in Singapore. That Coren is something else.


They were pratting about near a hotel in Ecuador this time. Giles had a very expensive looking blue shirt and khaki chinos on when he went to hang out with the t-shirted and shorted locals.


How does he keep getting gigs hosting shows with people I thought were better than that?


I’m not a big fan of Monica… she’s better than him of course.


Did it follow the same formula where Monica prats about in the kitchens and Coren prats around everywhere else but mainly housekeeping and room service?


I only saw the last 25 minutes and they did fuck all in the hotel, just focused on patronising the locals.


She’s got Ronaldo’s face and Messi’s hair.


Coren’s quite unpleasant isn’t he.


I WILL FUCKING KILL Y…oh, him. Yeah. Carry on.


Would be better if it was Giles and Sue Perkins, they’re good together. But then I like GC, I know most people don’t.


Congratulations Balonz, I think this is the first time in history that someone has written about Coren and waited three whole words before using the word cunt.


I liked how monica started speaking in engrish to try and be better understood


Could she BE any more patronising?


I saw this last night and there was a moment which made me think of @Epimer - when they were doing the cleaning and Giles was like: “This hotel has a policy of only using cleaning products that are free of all chemicals”.


Do you think Victoria would ever say something like that? Because that honestly might put me off.


Dunno pal. Can only imagine the dinner parties. Giles, Alexander Armstrong, David Mitchell. Can’t imagine it’d be a lot of fun to be honest.


I dunno. I can see all of the others spending the whole evening trying to wind up Giles and laughing when he has a little tantrum.

I’d find that quite amusing.


And then you’d have a nice sing song with Xander round the piano?


Maybe a post-prandial perambulation where he sings as we walk along a sun-dappled footpath.