By far the greatest ever ready meal...

…is the Tesco Gluten Free Katsu Chicken Curry.

This beast…

Controversial choice i know, as you have to oven the chicken, but my game, my rules.

I make sure there’s a bit of fat or oil remnants in the baking tray to properly crisp it up. Cut it thinly with scissors like a champ.

Whoever’s awarded that a silver’s a horrendous human-being.

£2.50, ffs. I’d be happy if i was served that in a restaurant (not in the plastic bowl).

Be bitter and irked below…

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You have to be able to bung it in the microwave. Overruled


Nah, ready meal means no cooking from scratch.

Sorry, pal.

I’ve not had it but I can accept that, for the money, it’s likely a great value option.

Obviously nothing touches Chazza Bing for the title of best ready meal though. Particularly fond of the mac and cheese, and I say this as someone who generally finds all pasta ready meals to be dogshit.


What’s Chazza Bing?

Sometimes i disgust myself and get the Tesco Finest Mac and Cheese. Got sprinkled nachos on it. Tastes like pure sick but is somehow at the same time very nice.

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The finest purveyor of ready-for-oven meals, served in an exquisite wooden box:


Charlie Bighams
£9 pasta. That sort of thing

Going to suggest it has to be under £4 to count as a ready meal.

I’ve seen them. Something about the livery puts me off, idk.

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Fair enough.

What’s the ruling on oven pizzas?

the greatest ever… ‘Silver award winner’


It needs to be ready to eat in 5mins for me and microwavable to feel the full benefits of the ready meal experience.

Can’t believe you’re only suggesting this and not decreeing it.

You’re getting soft.


if i have to put it in the oven and fuck about with scissors i might as well cook something nice


get them on offer sometimes. wouldn’t pay full price for one obviously.

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Very much the Ben & Jerry’s of the ready meal world.


would love to know the percentage breakdown of total B&J sales on offer vs full price

must be insane

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Like pizza?

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instructions say to microwave for 4 minutes. you cook it for:

  • full 4 mins. have to wait a further 15 for it to cool enough to eat, but instructions must be followed
  • 3 minutes & take my chances
  • 1 minute. taste. another minute. taste. close enough.
  • just fucken crank the timer to an hour and take it out when i can be bothered fuck knows how long its been in there

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yes, i do like pizza.

It’s this